Monday, August 30, 2010


Melinda just called.

Their beloved baby will be here in....

most likely...

24 hours.

I'm headed for Omaha!

Please pray for a easy labor and a safe delivery.

Back to what I was working on before I got that most exciting phone call....

Watch this funny and really amazing opening for the Emmy's last night.
(there are two racy bits.)

This will win an Emmy next year. I think it was possibly the best opening of an Emmy show. EVER!

Here are my favorite dresses last night.
I did not take these pictures cause I was home on my comfy couch.


I just like Tina so much and this dress was different and pretty.


I think this is my favorite dress. I don't care for Kyra's messy hair with it....but gosh....
I love the 50's sillouhette and the crush of the fabric. It's a gorgeous dress.

Eva Longoria Parker arrives at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Aw

This dress had lots of interesting details for a black dress. Black is boring to me a lot of the time. This had those flowers on the bottom and it had tailored black bows on the back. She is amazing...and tiny.


I loved this dress so much.

Betsy Brandt

My favorite red.


This is just so pretty.

Okay. I am dashing thru this today....

all I can think about is baby Asher and Melinda and Matthew...

I will probably update thru-out the day and night on Facebook....
if it's okay with Melinda.

Love you guys!!!

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