Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I will never be a style editor.


I'm pretty plain.

Someone once called me a plain jane and it hurt my feelings.

But I think it is true.

I just have to redefine the term plain.

It is not fancy and made up.
It is not styled.
It is not frilly.

I like to buy make up....I just forget to put it on.

I like to look at Vogue magazine to see all the pretty pictures.
(There is a KMart ad in this months September issue.)

I adore the fairy-like styled photoshoots I see on the internet.
The perfect outfit with the perfect setting.

Love em.

I just don't think I have it in me.

I do have a swimsuit from the 60's. It's Pucci-like.

It crossed my mind to do a stylized photoshoot with Emma in that suit.

Then I forgot to do it.

But it would be really cool wouldn't it?

Maybe some day I will get there.

Until then I will be a plain shooter.

The one thing I have discovered....

Plain can be beautiful.

Encourage one another,

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