Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look who got her hair cut!!!



She has the bangs pulled cause she is going run-ning.

So cute.


Janet's surgery was late yesterday so I haven't been able to talk with her. Janice texted me that it was more complicated
than expected but she was fine and headed to recovery....

I am waiting patiently to text her this morning...I don't want my 'bing' of the text to wake her up after she has just dozed off...

Don't you hate having bad timing? I do. I hate it almost as much as grey skies.

I have called people at the WORST times and felt so terrible about it...I really hate to call anyone.
I got up the nerve to call Stephanie when her mom was sick and I picked a perfectly terrible time.
I called my friend Karen to see how her labor was progressing....and she had just given birth, her husband answered...
and he hadn't told the family yet...and there I was on the phone. Ugh!

So now, I wait.

Nine o'clock will be eight o'clock Arizona time...will she be up?

Someone tell me what time to text?
I know I will pick the wrong time!


The biggest loser,

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