Monday, August 16, 2010

In your eyes...


Sometimes the only place to find the light is by looking straight UP.


Hi ladies! In my usual fashion I positioned us in the line of oncoming cars.
(they were going's a parking garage)
We were fine. Others were paying attention :o)


We stopped by my favorite location and I was not disappointed by the light there.
I love the colors reflecting in the train and the lines....lots of lines in this picture.

(Hi Dawn. You look gorgeous! Love that necklace bookay ;o) )

Thank you old train spot. I love you.

We visited a new spot and took pictures in this colorful slide and practiced our bokeh.



The sun came out just as we returned to our house....


I think my workshop attendees thought we were done with pictures....but I was determined.
They were going to get to practice a backlit shot WITH backlighting.

I seriously think this is the most important trick to have in your pocket.

So we shot Katie in the street and Emma on the grass.

Then we went inside and I taught some more.
And the we hugged and said so long.

If you don't want to be hugged upon coming and going...don't come to my workshop.
Cause...I'm gonna hug you.

I am so thankful for the sweet and inspired women I get to meet and teach.

I am.
I am.
I am.
the lucky one.

Encourage one another,

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