Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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About a month ago I got an email...
I almost deleted it.

It was an invitation to an Adobe Girls Photography Getaway in San Francisco in February.

Patrick and I did a little background googling to see if this was for real.

It seemed for real.

I wrote back the next day and asked for more details.
They wrote back.

Everything was free.
Gorgeous accommodations.
Teaching by a real Adobe pro. (Julieanne Kost is the Senior Digital Imaging Evangelist for Adobe)

How could it be?

How could I say no?

We will shoot all day Thursday and have a workshop on Friday morning.
Lightroom mostly. I have Lightroom but barely use this will be so fun...and then I can pass along with I learn.
So many people I know love using Lightroom.

So I am heading back to San Francisco. Isn't that a kick?

The schedule is extremely tight so I asked if I could stay an extra night (my own expense) to visit with Patrick Jr.
(And anyone else who wants to come and visit. We can have coffee....or chai on Friday afternoon. There is a spectacular coffee shop in the Ferry building right across the street from the hotel we are staying at.)


Last time I did not get a sweet shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Sometimes there is just no stopping the car.


Hi girls.


Hi Di.

Remember this hill?


I'm shocked that I was invited. I suppose someone noticed I wrote tutorials for Ree and invited me due to that connection.
From the names I have seen of the other attendees....we are women bloggers who love to take pictures.

I am excited to learn new things and meet new people.

Wonder of Wonders.

San Francisco. Twice in one year.

Super fun!

Encourage one another,

p.s. Has anyone taken a class or read one of Julieanne Kost's books?
I hear she's fun!

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