Thursday, January 13, 2011


Thank you all for being excited with me over the trip to San Francisco! I wish I could take you all along with me!
I will bring along my thinking cap and try super hard to absorb really great stuff that I can pass along!

Emma wrote a great blog post yesterday, I think many of you would like to read it. It is one of my favorites.

Heart vs. Mind


Patrick Jr. tweeted this yesterday;


RT @wingoz: packers held opposition to single digits 6 times in the reg. season...last two times they did this, they won the super bowl

This made me very happy and excited and has gotten my hopes up.
Even with all of our injuries this year...could the Packers really be Super Bowl bound?


It's so great to still be 'in' it!!!


My Internet friend, Becky, interviewed me for her blog. Becky is the most positive, encouraging woman I know. She aways has a really kind and thoughtful comment to leave behind when she visits a blog. I have noticed her friendliness and enthusiasm all over the Internet. She is the best builder upper of people I know.

So. She has already said too many nice things about me in the I will send you over to read it, BUT you have to promise NOT to come back here and say something nice about me. Cause I can not handle any more nice things said to me.

Now....don't come back and say something mean either. Cause you know that that one mean comment will erase ten lovely comments. (Isn't that the sad truth.)

Becky chose the pictures for the interview. I was surprised to see what she liked. That was so fun.
And then I cried.

You will see why.

Anyway. Remember what I said. No more compliments for me.

Feel free to compliment someone else in the comments. That would be fun to read.

Life with Kaishon interviews me


Encourage one another,

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