Saturday, January 22, 2011


At schools and businesses around the state, people were allowed to show their team spirit.

Katie and her cousin were so sweet to pose a little for me. It was zero degrees.
They did not want to do the second pose.

Guess the age difference between the girls!


On our way home, I found a great spot, high on a hill. It was ridiculously bright.


I loved every moment of it.

My hands turned to ice almost instantly.


You may think she is saying....GO PACK GO!

But she is not.

I have been informed that she is singing Hot and Cold.

Did I ever tell you that devastating story?

For Katie's birthday, the first year she was at Blessed Sacrament, she invited all the girls in her class to her party.
We had a karaoke party here at our house. They sang songs from High School Musical.
As a parting gift, Patrick and I burned a CD for each girl with some of Katie's favorite songs....only about six songs.

Soon thereafter I listened to the party CD. There on track number one was Katie Perry singing Hot and Cold....
and saying B*TCH as clear as can be.

Oh! Have mercy! I am just terrible about listening to the words!!!

How to win friends and influence people. NOT.

I was so embarrassed.

And then Katie mailed the thank you notes before I put stamps on half of them.

Yup. Great first impression.


Go Pack Go!

We have a dorky cheer. It's the dorkiest cheer in the NFL.

But it is our dorky cheer.

See ya on the Twitter and Facebook over the weekend...
Be back on Monday....I hope with SUPER news!!!



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