Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guess my favorite part.

This may be super easy. May not.

But guess away :o)


(As you can see, I am making the most of our weather. I shall not be discouraged by the winter.)

Did anyone else see the 20/20 last night with Astronaut Mark Kelly?

It was heart warming and uplifting.

You can watch segments of the whole interview at 20/20

Mark Kelly talks with Diane Sawyer about Gabrielle Giffords

(I have a feeling they might re air this on Friday.)


I interviewed a wonderful photographer for The Pioneer Woman, her name is Kerianne Brown.
Go read it, right now! I promise you will love her and her stunning photography.

Stunning is probably the wrong word for such gentle, quiet, soft photography.
But it really is the most beautiful baby photography....

Here is Kerianne's blog address. She is taking a picture a day of her beautiful Will.
So much love. So much talent.

Kerianne Brown Blog


One last thing.

Who should replace Regis?

I like Mark Consuelos and Anderson Cooper.

I do not like the idea of Bryant Gumble or Ryan Seacrest. at all.

Who do you think should get the job when Regis retires from LIVE in the late summer?

Encourage one another,

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