Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Christmas card is here!

Because I am incapable of making decisions on certain days...

Katie picked out the card this year.


And when it arrived she noticed that her hair was messy.

I said, with little to no sympathy.

You picked it out.

My husband looked at it and asked where the picture of the whole group was?

I said, Katie liked this one better. And he wondered, Since when does Katie pick out the cards?
And I said, You can help me next year.

See....when someone else picks out the are off the hook, baby.

And that picture with the creepers....well....I was turned off by that picture after hearing so many negative comments about the creepers and not really any positive comments about the faces....

So when Katie picked the montage card....

I was happy to bow to the child.

The card is done for this year. I will address and mail them on Monday.

There is even a picture of Patrick and me on the back.

Patrick says, As long as you look good.

And I say.

Darn right.

Encourage one another,

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