Tuesday, January 18, 2011



That is bowling with little children.

With adults. It's BAM. It's CRASH!

With little girls.

It's boom.
It's wait.
It's clunk.

It's really rather fun.

Do you bowl?
Did your daddy bowl?

Our dad bowled in a league in Elmhurst, Illinois for years. He bowled with his friend Bill.
I never really heard how well they bowled. (Nowadays, we are all about the scores.) Isn't it funny
that I do not remember hearing the scores or if they won? The bowling shirt, I remember very well. I remember the bowling shirts because they were very snazzy and said National Baking Co. on them...and we wore them to school as our art smocks!!!

I do remember a funny story of my father having something irritating one of his fingers and he went to see this doctor. His name was Dr. Sanchez and I think he was from Cuba. Dr. Sanchez told my dad to bowl with a different finger. This was highly amusing to my dad. Dr. Sanchez knew less about bowling than most people.

Dr. Sanchez also told me a funny thing once. too.

I went to him for my sports physical. Cheerleading.

He told me.

"Don't split yourself."

And I didn't.

How's that for a rabbit trail?


Happy Tuesday.

I just heard Regis announce that he will be retiring from Morning television this year.

Oh! Regis. What will I do without you to make me chuckle in the mornings....

Encourage one another,

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