Monday, January 17, 2011

In Which I share my opinions on fashion,
like I know anything at all.

But I have eye balls and here you go :o)

First off. Ricky Gervaise was not funny. He can be extremely funny. Last night he was not.

Not surprisingly, Tina Fey and Steve Carrell were very funny. And that was about it.

Dress that caught my eye...


Nicole Kidman Urban. This sequined dress fit her perfectly. I like the teeny bow at her waist.


I wasn't sure at first....but this little hippie-ish number stole my heart.
It's sweet and unique and has a certain whimsy.

I like it very much.


Young Kaley Cocuo from The Big Bang (on the right in this picture) wore flouncy ruffles which are always my favorite look.
I like feminine over just about anything. When Kaley presented the Golden Globe to her cast mate, she jumped up and down with glee....and the dress floated in the prettiest way.

It was then I fell in love with this dress.


Her hair! That long pony tail is my favorite.
And her makeup. Perfect.

The beige/nude tones were representing....


But on Leighton Mester(sp) the color and style of her dress was just a disaster. She is almost disappearing before my eyes.

This is up for worst.


This is my very least favorite dress of the night. What is that thing on her shoulder? Yes. The shoulders. They had big, ugly pads and huge swathes of fabric. Ew. This is just not pretty or flattering at all. And it is wrinkled.

She is so beautiful and so slim....The dress is a mess.


The greens were striking! I like Catherine Zeta Jones' dress the best out of the green dresses.

Now look at this!


You look so beautiful! Love the pink and black. Love. This. Dress.


Oh Eva! How do you do it year after year? This petite woman always looks impeccable.

Looking Fabulous is the best revenge, sweetie!

But my favorite dress of the whole night was Emma Stone in Calvin Klein.


This color on her is fantastic.
I love the simplicity, the fit, the color and the sleeves and back.


That pretty, simple, back...with little train.

What do you think?
What dresses were your favorites?

Now I have to get out there and see the movies...the Academy Awards are up next!

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
Coco Chanel

Luv ya!

p.s. I did not take any of these pictures. They are from the internet.

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