Tuesday, May 17, 2011


After the beautiful commencement, which according to my nephew, counted as church for the week, we went to
eat at Nookies. Nookies is a nearby restaurant that Emma likes a lot.
I called months ahead to reserve a room if possible.
That was not possible.
Reservations were not possible either but I was to call a few days before the graduation to see if they could save
a few tables for us anyway.
Then I was asked to call 1 1/2 hours before we would come in.

Just imagine me watching my phone during the commencement...waiting for the exact moment to go out in the hallway to call.

There was a break in the action and off I went.

"16 people for 12:30 please." I said.

"We will try to get you in around then." Bob said.

(I'm pretty good at this kind of logistical planning but I find it super stressful.)

I came back into the church and they were singing Great is Thy Faithfulness and the tears started.

So we all exited the extrememly crowded church halls and met in front of Moody Bible Church.
I snapped a few pictues and we all made our way in the windy wind to Nookies.
We walked into Nookies about 12:15, the restaurant was full and loads of people were waiting. Our tables were ready at exactly 12:30. I wanted to kiss Bob on the cheek. But I didn't.

We talked and ate and hung around until about 2:30. It was really a nice little get together. I think. I hope.

Many thanks to Nookies and for our dear family for making the day extra special for Emma.

And speaking of family. I must tell you about Asher. Not only is that little boy the most beautiful happy child,
he is so good. Oh I know, you are not supposed to say a child is good. His behavior is good. Oh! whatev!


But I'm telling you, he had plenty of reason to be miserable and to be crying. Most babies would be miserable and crying.
Traveling for ten hours. Staying up way too late. Sitting thru a commencement without a peep.

Seriously. What nine month old does this?

Asher kept up with us and our crazy sheenanagians the whole weekend...without one meltdown. It was astonishing.

We were walking around in the freezing rain for hours and he did not peep.
He wasn't crazy about the pink poncho but he still smiles a sweet smile at me.
And that's the thing about Asher. He is the happiest boy. Smile. Big Grin. A shake of his head. And another big smile.


You are the Amazing Asher Boucher and we love you so very much.
And you know what? we would have loved you even if you had a melt down, but you didn't and I think you are ahmazing!

Keep doing what you are doing Matthew and Melinda cause you are doing something very right!

This could have been a weekend of sitting in the hotel room. Most of the family was ill prepared for
rain and 45 degrees. But we decided to just go for it and meandered around Chicago.

At Barneys, I saw a display of the cutest umbrellas in the world.
They cost $130.

We bought an Aztec inspired umbrella for $16.00 at Urban Outfitters. It was small and turned inside out in the wind in 48 seconds.
Patrick and Matthew found rust colored hats for 4.99. They bought three.

These were the community hats. Most everyone wore them at some point over the next 24 hours.

Except me.

I bought a rain bonnet. Cause I was prepared.
Yes. A rain bonnet. I am the girl who never wears a hat. Ever.

I bought a rain bonnet because I wanted to make my family laugh.
And I wore it with wild abandon.
Anything for a laugh.

Emma may have a picture of this...I don't think I will ask her for it.

So yes. We tried to make the best of things and I know we will always remember
the hideous weather and how much fun we had in spite of it!


Da Cubs game.

Encourage one another,

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