Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Oh, what a beautiful morning!


Angie let us wander around her house to find the light inside.
Her bedroom was my favorite place...and her bathroom was not too shabby either :o)


The first part of the workshop is spent going over all the buttons and the camera and moving on to manual shooting. This is not an easy thing to do, but all the gals got it. Then we take it on the road. Here are the girls in the noon day sun using their new skill; back lit shooting .


I honestly and truly couldn't do it without my trusty companion, model.



my favorite.


I would go back to take pictures of this tree again. Mine were not so special. But there is great potential with this great vine covered tree.


Cheryl and Maria learning and sharing.


Our happy class!
What a great day!

Oh! The places you'll go!


Ree aka The Pioneer Woman is raising money for the Tornado Victims.
All you have to do is comment and she will be giving quarters to various respected charities.

I asked Ree yesterday and she said we can comment more than once!

This means if Ree gets 40,000 comments she will donate $10,000 dollars.

It can be done.

Thank you Ree and Ladd. I love your generous hearts!

Quarters for Alabama


~Angie took a few shots of me teaching and waving. I have a love/hate relationship with them.

Encourage one another,

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