Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I have precisely 17 minutes to write this blog.
At that time the timer will sound and the monkey bread will be finished.
Then I have to get it ready to take to the final 'bible' study of the year hosted by my friend Jean.
I love her. Have I told you that. Jean is my friend Amy's mom. Their family has deep roots in Madison and because they are so hospitable and caring and generous, everyone knows them.
(I love Amy too....she has helped me with Katie numerous times and she is super fun to be with.)

But unlike one bows down to Jean and worships her.
Jean would hate that.

She is a quiet person with a ready laugh, who loves and helps every day of her life.

She will be 80 this year.

I want to be like her. She is my hero.


A pretty flower for Jean and Amy and Sister Theresa and for all of the quiet workers out there.
Your influence is great.
Your grace and humility are beautiful.

God Bless you all.

Encourage one another,

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