Monday, May 16, 2011

Graduation Weekend.
Moody Bible Institute
Chicago Rainforest.
May 13-15


Walking to the commencement on Saturday morning was chilly and exciting.
All of the logistics of being in the city added to my stress.
Emma was calm, like she always is, and ready to go!

Emma graduated with high honors and without debt.
Both wonderful achievements. Emma worked her way thru college and trusted God.
Even the summer she could not 'buy' a job...she made it work.
She has learned to rely on God and to work super hard.

What a girl!



Emma, the graduate.

and some boy...who also graduated.

We sat in the darkest spot of the church. Wasn't that clever of me?
We needed a whole row of seats and I grabbed the first row that was on the side where Emma would walk.
I tried not to freak out that we were so far back and in the dark.
In retrospect, I wish we had been closer. sniff*sniff.

We were so blessed to have family come to the graduation. Patrick's brother and his wife and their son came down from Madison as did Patrick's sister Annie and her family. They adore Emma and have always been so supportive.


Thank you for being a part of Emma's special day! We love you all!


Very very much!


I told Emma to do something....
There is a little ham hiding in that quiet and gentle soul.


Matthew and Melinda and Asher came from Omaha to celebrate with us!


Patrick flew in all the way from California!

You know my heart was so full of joy to have all of us together in Chicago.

Thank you all for being there...for loving Emma...for everything!!!

(okay. now I'm crying.)

~photo by Darrell Stroud bil... Thank you :o)

More later about the sweet baby Asher, Patrick's amazing race adventure to get to Chicago,
the Poncho Pals, umbrellas for $130 and hats for 4.99, da cubs game, bonehead things I say,
and tips on packing for the weather.

Encourage one another,

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