Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our blog friend Amy from Italy said good bye to her daddy this week.
Amy has been here with the most perfect scriptures and words of love for me and my family
thru our painful year...please say a prayer for her and her family as they learn to live without the
physical pressence of her dad. She knows he is in heaven and is comforted by the fact that he is with Jesus and reunited with her mom.

Please pray for our friend, Amy.

And a dear blog friend of mine, Sarah @ Spruce Hill Farm died last night after a brave and hard fight with cancer.
She was a mom with young children and a fine husband. She was too young to die.
She was positive and fun and loved her beautiful life.

Please pray for her family. May they find comfort in their memories of her and the promise of heaven.

As I went to bed with tears and sadness I read this passage from An Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Faith by Patricia St. John;

Since that first, long-ago grasp of Isaiah 43:1, I had never doubted that I belonged to the Lord, and this is no way negated that experience. To receive is simply a further step to belonging. It just confirmed what was once said by a well-known children's evangelist, "A little child needs a little child's Savior. A growing child needs a growing child's Savior." Over and over in each stage of our growth He reveals himself in the very way that we need him.

This grown woman needs a grown woman's Savior.

A Savior who knows about love and loss and pain and overcoming.
I am thankful that Jesus is that kind of Savior.

I would be mush without Him.


Life is in the details.

It is fleeting and beautiful and full of wonder and pain.

Learn God's truth, be grateful, take notice,
and pass it on.

Encourage one another,

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