Monday, May 02, 2011

Our excellent adventure begins...


With a trip to the airport.
It was a great decision...cause we had fabulous traffic...and the singing and car dancing was tremendous.


Funny. Fat. Sheep.


Camera Nikon D700
Exposure 0.013 sec (1/80)
Aperture f/2.0
Focal Length 35 mm
ISO Speed 1600

The iso was set nice and high.
I put the 35mm on because of the close quarters.

The ipad cast a nice glow.

The flight was quick.

The air conditioning was not on when we got on the plane. Can you say...Air Bombay?
Then came an announcement, "we can not have the air conditioning on in the plane because we need to start the plane some other way.... because our engine for that is done broke. Once the monkey spins the propeller and the plane starts, then we can
turn the air conditioning on."

Well. That's how I understood it, anyway.


Cheryl met Katie and I at the airport after a game of hide and seek.
She had Jolly Ranchers in the car and Katie was delighted.

We listened to the Garmond and eventually arrived at Angie's house.
Cheryl thinks I am bossy. Don't ask me why?

Cheryl stayed at a dive. She didn't care. She wanted to stay close to us....who can blame her :o)

Angie's home is beautiful and bright and every wall is the prettiest color.


Angie's little boy promptly fell in love with Katie. Katie had the best time playing with him. I didn't tell her to play with him...she just loves to play!


We were talking away in the kitchen and then I said, look at the pretty light in your backyard.
So we grabbed our cameras.


As God is my witness...I'll never go hungry again.

Sorry. I just have to say that. Can't help myself. Silhouettes do that to me.


Lovely. Gentle. Hostess with the mostess....



Angie and her husband got the house ready and shopped for food so all I had to do was teach.
They were just so great!
Katie and I shared a really comfy bed.


Will was so excited to see Katie the next morning.
He woke up early and his parents kept him in their room for a while....
he laid on the floor at the bedroom door looking out under the door...waiting for Katie to emerge.
When Katie changed her clothes....Will waited outside the door for her.

I think he may have learned this trick from his 'brother' Dublin, the dog.


Come back tomorrow for the workshop post.
(I have to do things in chronological order. Hope you don't mind.)

Encourage one another,

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