Wednesday, May 18, 2011


When I knew all of the kids would be in town thru Monday,
I wondered what we should do on Sunday.

Go to Wrigley came to mind. We love sports. I'm not sure the boys have ever been to Wrigley.
One must go to Wrigley and see the friendly confines, once, don't you think?

So I bought tickets.
Very expensive to buy tickets for seven people.
The least expensive seats were bleacher seats.

You would be shocked how much they were. I was shocked.
Everyone was shocked.

And then.

It rained and it rained for forty daysies, daysies.
Drove those animals nearly crazy, crazy.

I bought CTA passes for everyone, I joined the Cubs twitter feed so I would know if there were any issues with the
game and rain....

And then.



Oh. My. Stinkin. Heck.

So we got dressed in our finest weather gear and walked to the red line.
We were going to see the outside of Wrigley, even if we couldn't see the inside of Wrigley Field.

And gee, it's tiny.
It's super dooper tiny.



Poncho Pals.


Melinda went for the Jackie O/Ukraine look.



So we looked at the outside of the stadium.

And then, a bewildered Giants fan walked up to me holding his tickets out.

Me, in my lavender jacket and rain bonnet, and he said, "Aren't the windows open? How am I going to get my money back? I'm from California. How am I going to turn these in?"

I tried to help the poor man out, but we all knew he was out of luck. He gambled and lost...just like us.

But this provided my family with a new reason to laugh.

Of all the people wandering and hanging out at Wrigley,
this man thought I was the one, the 50 year old lady in a rain bonnet, the one who would have all the answers.

We happen to think this was hysterical.


We rode the red line and then the brown line and went out to lunch at Lou Malnatis on Wells.
They are famous for their pizza. It was warm there and the food was very good.

So that was our Cubbies adventure.

The make up game is June 28th. It's a Tuesday.
With my luck, it will be raining.

Encourage one another,

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