Monday, May 23, 2011


This picture makes me feel thankful.

Katie has her new Tom's. Free. Replacement.
Emma is home and I can see her in the background.
We are up at the capitol with the workshop. It is not raining.
We are laughing and learning and looking for the light.

I like the green bits on the ground and the shapes of the balusters and Katie's graceful arms.


This picture made me happy because I love beautiful skies and clouds,
and then I saw toes, like footprint toes.

Can you see them?


This picture makes me giggle...because behind the beautiful flowers is a building I could not shoot straight if my life depended on it ;o)

Wishing you beauty and laughter and a thankful heart this week...

I'm off to a good start, hope you are too.

Encourage one another,

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