Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am the biggest loser.

That's right.

All my reality favorites lost.

I'm not bothered at all. As my favorite Idol contestant was booted off, I had more free time....hahaha.
I really didn't need to watch. I actually found it painful to watch Scotty sing.
As I told you before, Josh Tuner, yes. Scotty, no.

BUT, he was the most delightful winner I ever saw!
I love how he sang while he hugged his family and each of the contestants.
I love how Lauren kisskisskissed his cheek at the very end.

That last four minutes were magic.

And well....I fast forwared thru most of the show and was ready to run and hide when the boys did their group number....because in general the group numbers are hideous,
but then most of the pieces were good (I fast forwarded thru Jacob) and then Tom Jones came out and he was burnt to a crisp,
but I LOVED seeing that old dude!

That was cool.

The clips of the contestants goofing on one another were extremely funny and I enjoyed those, too.

Bono brought cred and Steven Tyler brought it with that final scream.

Seems I missed Casey singing with Jack Black, but I just found that clip and it was entertaining.
How can a song called Fat Bottomed Girls NOT be entertaining?


So I many not ever be right (wrong with Idol, DWTS and The Amazing Race) but at least I get to be the biggest loser.

I'm learning to be humble, day after day, in many different ways. (this being one of the less painful ways ;o)


Hey! I just read an interview of the gloriously talented photographer Sheye Rosemeyer over on Becky's blog!
It is fantastic and beautiful and I want you to go and read it!!! I know you will be blessed by it.

Wonderful interview Becky!!

Our dear friend Becky interviews the stunning Sheye Rosemeyer

Okay! enjoy that....

Love you guys!!
Thanks for hanging out with me.


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