Friday, June 15, 2012

Flashback Friday
The Sandwich and Song edition.


This is the food.
The food that says...Esther Jean.

White bread with liver sausage.
Hellman's Mayo and French's mustard.
Lettuce and tomato.

Cut in half.


Our mom would not have cut the tomato so thick.
And maybe not quite so much lettuce.
(But I was trying to get my veggies in.)

But I love this sandwich.  It was a summer staple.

Our mom was an excellent cook.  She made wonderful spaghetti and delicious roast beef, mashed potatoes and the best brown gravy you ever had!!!

I can not duplicate my mom's roast beef. This makes me very sad.

But this sandwich.
This sandwich makes me happy.  It says home.  It says mom.

This song.  This song would have been on the radio, playing on WLS over and over throughout the day.  We would be swimming and sun tanning and eating sandwiches and drinking Kool-Aid.

We would have taught our dad to do a front flip and teased our mom about her side stroke.

We would have been tan and happy.

It was the summer of 1973.

By that fall our lives would change forever.
But the easy and lazy memories of that summer linger.

What happens matters,