Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sights and tastes for the week.


I took this picture at Starbucks.
I looked across the table and liked the light on Katie and the way she was sitting.
She told me I missed her face.
I told her it was on purpose :o)

Chair shopping/93°

Katie and I went out on the hottest day to look at metal chairs.  This little shop in McFarland was charming in many ways.  We did not buy a chair...yet...but I'd sure like a few.


I got these tomatoes at a grocery store. They were labeled Heirloom.
I picked some really good ones!! They tasted farm fresh.  Yum.


Katie and I stopped at Mr. Beef in Chicago.  It is famous for it's Italian Beef.  It was very good.  Not quiet as good as my Carms.  But the meat was very well prepared and tender.  They prepare huge roasts and slice it right there.  Nice.

Lawn chair

Here is my lawn chair.  It is about to break.
It says does softball and that beautiful slanting sun.

Have a great weekend!!

Encourage one another and love.