Thursday, June 21, 2012


It was a hot and humid night.


The baseball game was the only game in town.


Katie and I set out just after sunset to try something a little different with the camera.
She ran around in the night while I set the camera on top of the car.
It was fun to try.
Not the results I was hoping for but a starting point.


Source: via Donna on Pinterest

I thought this was a cute illustration.
It's by Cyril Cowell c. 1935


I'm especially distracted today.
Ginny gets into a lot of things when I sit down to the blog.  (and when I am on the phone.)
My thoughts get interrupted so many times that I get frustrated and find it difficult to write.
Don't tell me to exercise her.  She can't right now.
I need to outsmart her and just put her in the crate when I want to blog cause this up and down and back and forth is not working well for me at all.

So with that...I will just say,

Bye for now.

I hope you can find something lovely to take into your soul today.
It's there, that something lovely, I just know it.
Keep your eyes peeled!

Encourage one another,