Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good Morning!

Monday night, Sher gave Emma a graduation party.
It was a party to celebrate the end of Emma's year at JustEmbrace.
It was a one year internship and none of us can believe it has come to an end.

Sher and Emma and JustEmbrace did amazing, wonderful things this year and JustEmbrace will go on.
Sher is continuing to gather a team and will even take over the whole house on Kenmore in Uptown.

They have so many friends in the neighborhood.

The people will be the hard part for Emma. She will miss them.

The city. Well. She's ready to come home and milk a cow.

Anybody have a cow?


Mary Z from our comments embraced JustEmbrace with her lovely family. They became big supporters and came to help with the Food Clinics each month. I have gotten to know them in real life and once again the people who read this blog are remarkable. Not one nut in the whole bunch, I tell ya! :o)

Mary took this picture of us.

(Becky, I promise I won't put another picture up of myself for a day or two! :o) hehe)

We had a nice picnic and even sat around a smokey fire in the JustEmbrace yard.
Many of Emma's new friends came to wish her love and to encourage her in her next step.

We gathered to pray for Emma at one point and that prayer meant so much to her.
To me too.

Tuesday we played tourists in Chicago. It was fun. We haven't really done this in a long time.



So alike. So different.




More tomorrow.

I'm tired.

Missed you guys.
Sorry I didn't tell you I would be gone.
I don't like to announce it for fear of robbers :op

Encourage one another,

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