Friday, June 22, 2012


L to R.
Cindy, Janet, Donna, Sue

Cindy wrote on the back of the this picture;
Sisters, Sisters
Summer 1994

Janet and I are visiting Sue and Cindy in Columbia, Missouri.
I'm sure I heard Janet was going to visit and I tagged along.

The little boys in the picture are Janet's son James who just graduated from high school this month and Sue's son Jeffery (the blonde in the forefront) who is living in California.

I adore this shot.

Why does Cindy's chair have balloons? Could it be her birthday?
Look how cute we all look!
Look how uncomfortable I am having my picture taken.
Always so self conscious.

But you know what?
There is no picture of me and my little kids.
Gosh. Isn't that a shame?

Well it is to me.

All it takes is thinking of it and taking a minute to snap the shot.

Not having more pictures of myself with our children is one of my only regrets in life.


Just do it.

The Boss,

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