Thursday, June 14, 2012

In which I take the day off


Yes.   It was wonderful to live without the gate for the day.
My hip flexors, however,  have never been is such great stretchy shape.
Thanks Ginny.

Hey man...

We picked Ginny up right on time.
The cone they had on her was ridiculously over large.

Katie decided it was a perfect time to try sunglasses on the poor dopey dog.


Katie loves Ginny.  This is how she usually looks at Ginny.

She loves her and wants to sleep with her.  But I won't allow that.
Ginny sleeps in her cage in the family room.
And this works just fine.

But, last night we let Katie blow up a bed and sleep right next to Ginny's crate.
She listened for licking and cooed sweet words to her all night.

Right now Ginny has on her new Kong Cloud.
She is snoring like crazy.
Katie is watching last night's Modern Family.
They are both a little tired this morning.


Yes. I admit it.  This is my ring tone.

What is your ring tone?

Encourage one another!
Lots of love.