Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beautiful Family

On Sunday afternoon I had a photo shoot.
We had two goals in mind; a Christmas picture and a large portrait for
Grace's bedroom.

We hoped to shoot inside a little but the trees and light just made that impossible.
I have never wished to have lights before.  I did on this day.

But it was beautiful outside and I am so happy with the pictures.




Such nice smiles all around :o)




Old world beauty.

This darling girl is really as sweet as she looks.  I had so much fun giving her Tyra Banks modeling tips while we were shooting!


I'm so happy they were up for a few couple photos!!
Seriously married folks....take pictures together!!!

Hey!  I think I just thought of a blog post for Ree's!!!

Not only get in the picture....BUT get in the picture with the ones you love!

You won't regret it :o)

Encourage one another...and smile with the ones you love,