Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pictures and Yarn


No edit at all.

This is too dark sooc therefore I knew I would be editing heavily.
BUT, I loved her lips and neck and hair and eye in this picture so I decided to mess with it.


At first I tried a square in color.

It was alright.  But not my fave.


Next I made it black and white and cropped it over and over until I saw what I liked best.


Last week I mentored an amazing woman named Lori.  She came all the way from Colorado for a business meeting and a class.  I was just delighted to teach her and get to know her.  She is a homeschool mother, teacher at BU, ex nurse and an accidental business woman.

She was a fast learner and altogether fun.  She may cure Lung Cancer.
Not kidding.

I on the other hand, taught her how to shoot in manual and find the light and make bokeh.

hahaha....we all have our place.


This morning when I let Ginny out it smelled like manure.  A few times a year this happens in our little town.  I may feel like I am a big town girl living here in the suburbs of Madison.  But gosh, those farms must be closer than I realize.


One Harry Potter scarf coming up

Asher will be Harry Potter for Trick or Treat.
I'm knitting him a scarf.

I know almost nothing about Harry Potter but the one thing I do know, Asher will be adorable in his little scarf and glasses and lightning bolt scar!

Happy Wednesday!

Encourage one another,