Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saving the world and Chevron Mittens


When Katie came home from Nature's Classroom she had very chapped lips.


She went with me to get a Chai....
I remembered my cup.  I wrote a slogan.

Saving eleven cents...

I crack myself up.
I said it approximately nine times.


My mitten kit came in the mail.  I love everything Knitterly Things.  I buy her sock yarn all the time.  her colors are wonderful. I have had my eye on this mitten pattern for a few years.  The yarn colorway is called Vintage Appliance.  CUTE!!!

Now.  This pattern will be challenging for me.  I hope I can do it.
I am going to finish Asher's Harry Potter scarf first and try these some time this fall.  I will let you know how it goes.  Eeeek.

One other thing about Knitterly Things.  Very very good service.  I ordered these and they came within days.  Well done Julia Vesper.



Ginny helping me style my shoot.


Katie and I talked about the books she is reading for school.  She happens to be reading books about homeschooled kids entering the world of public school lately.  Once is called Schooled and the other is called Star Girl, I think.
These are mostly stories about being different.  (odd)
The whole thing is pretty interesting to me.

They have a chart that details the number of pages to  read to earn a certain grade.

I told Katie the books I read when I was in 7th grade and then I said that I don't remember having to read chapter books for school.  We read passages out of large readers.  The Scarlet Ibis comes to mind....and The Lottery.

My chapter book reading was on my own.  You know Seventeenth Summer and The Pink Dress.

Katie said she wished she was reading out of those big books again.  She feels a great deal of pressure to read quickly to get the A.   (Because of course I told her she needs to aim for the A.)
It is taking the fun out of reading.

I suggested she talk to her teacher and tell her how she is feeling.

Then Katie said something like, well, if I keep working hard I will learn how to read faster and I will get a good grade.

She realized that this time of discomfort would pay off and she would eventually be able to read faster.

I was so proud of her for not shying away from the hard thing and seeing how the hard thing would make reading in the future easier and fun again.

I was so proud of her.

I want her to love to read...but I really want her to be able to face challenges and work hard to overcome them.

Encourage one another,