Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Instagram 365

Morning at dog park

In the bleak midwinter I decided to do an Instagram project.  I am taking a picture a day and I will be putting them in a book for myself.  Probably four on pictures on each page.  I look forward to doing this.  I haven't made a book in a while and I have never made anything from my Instagrams.

So you can imagine...I have loads of pictures of Katie and Ginny.
They are my constants.


I took this picture at church on Saturday.
Don't worry, it was before the service.

Hey you pretty girl.


52° dog park

Dog Park.

Summers best

I grew these and then I ate them with feta.

Morning smile

On the way to school.

You look this pretty at 7:30, I just know it.


In which she models.

When the year is done I will tell you how many Katie pictures make the 365.

Perhaps we can have a contest.   haha

A contest without prizes.

Be sure to come back for that one.


Happy Wednesday!

Encourage one another,