Thursday, September 06, 2012

Library of Congress Pictures

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

I found a few pictures last night that are catalogued on Flicker by the Library of Congress.

I am sure Andrew Lyman is making his wife laugh.  Don't you just know it?
Life was so hard then. Harder than we can ever imagine.
But these two....they can laugh about something and that makes me love this picture.
I want to know their story.

And by the way...I think I have the same bra she does.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

These sweet innocents are orphans from the Titanic.
They are boys from France. Their papa perished.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Only in America.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

~jack delano

Sweet home Chicago.

This is a masterpiece.


"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst."
~Henri Cartier-Bresson

"Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph."
~Matt Hardy

"A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it.  It is, in a word, effective."

Encourage one another,