Saturday, September 08, 2012

Flash Back Friday on Saturday


Oh my gosh.

Sept. 2007.

Sometimes it's really really good to stand back and get the whole shot.


Here we were in 1983.

People always ask were the kids got the red hair from...well....


Then this gem.

I told you I was un-photogenic.

In this picture you see all of my sibs, our mom, grandma Hansen and grandma mickelson.

I'd say I was Katie's age.  I went thru enough awkwardness for the two of us.

Hope you have a really nice weekend!
It's cool here and we are loving it.
Katie and I took Ginny to the dog park already this morning.

We have a Packer game to look forward to tomorrow afternoon!
So excited for football season!

Go! Pack! Go!

Encourage one another,