Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What do you smell Ginny?

This looks a bit artsy for an Instagram, doesn't it?

You can't tell when you look at it on a tiny screen, but this bigger screen makes it look a little like a painting.

The new iphone has a bigger screen. It is taller.
I have been waiting since March to dump my ATT plan.
I actually have been waiting two years to get rid of that stinking ATT plan.
It was the worst product I have even had.  I did not have internet service 95% of the time, yet all iphone owners were required to use ATT and the data package.
When I bought it, I did not know it would not work in most of Wisconsin, Iowa or Nebraska.
This is where I spend my time.  My phone plan has been a sore spot for two and a half years.

So now the new iphone is out and I can get one with a different plan.
Because of course, you can't use the same phone with a different plan.  Grr.

But the new iphone looks nice.

I will, however, NOT be standing in line for it.  It seems there are people standing in line ALREADY for the iphone.  People in line on Monday for the to be available on FRIDAY.

Unbelievable.  Yeah.  I guess I will wait for things to die down....and for Verizon to get the phone.

The other day Michael Strayhan (Kelly's new cohost on Regis and Kelly :o)  was asked what the "S" in  the 4Gs stood for....He said....Sucker.

I love my little phone.  I hear the new one has a better camera.

Have you seen this YouTube?

"They're sad and alone."
"A life worth living."
"Picture your life....better."

Very Funny.

The best potato soup

Potato Soup.

Recipe here:



It's very chilling this morning.
I'm glad I sent Katie with lots of warm clothes.
The sun is shining like crazy...so that's good...

I'm going to make Asher a Harry Potter scarf for Halloween.
Today I will search for the yarn.
Wish me luck.

Encourage one another,