Monday, June 24, 2013

Bacteria Beach and Homeland opinion.

Katie, Patrick and I went to the beach which is just outside the back entrance to the Vilas zoo.
Hence the name.


It's an interesting beach.
The wind blew and the clouds were grey.
I kind of like it there.

Chairs on their last leg

Simple life

We had brats...with none of the fixins.
Patrick planned the meal.
This is his style.
That's okay.
It's nice when he grills.

Brats...with the bugs

The pickles were a month past the due date.  I ate them anyway and then tossed the rest of the bottle.
Around here, pickles go bad more often than any other food.

An interesting fact about my diet.
I have been trying to drink Crystal Light lemonade because it has fewer calories than regular lemonade.
(My urologist recommended it.)  Well.  There is a chemical in the Crystal Light ice tea lemonade that makes me ill.

Katie is sensitive to sorbitol in sugar free gum.
I am apparently sensitive to something in Crystal light.
(especial the one with half tea)
Isn't that weird?

Have you heard of this?


Patrick and I decided to watch Homeland.  I thought it might be a show we would both like.
It gets raves.

I find it offensive.

The main male character is a terrorist.  We are suppose to sympathize with him.  I hate this.
The main female character is a great CIA agent...but she sleeps with the terrorist.  Idiotic.

We are not thru the first year but I don't think we will continue to watch it.
Patrick was 'on' to the terrorist before I was.  He does not like this sympathizing with terrorists either.


Not recommended.

So.  Perhaps we will try The Good Wife.
Doesn't sound like there will be terrorist sympathizers in that show.
But who knows.


Happy Monday.

We've got Luke house, beach volleyball, and Katie's half birthday today.
Katie wants Ginny to sleep in her room a 'gift'.
Sounds like a disaster to me.
But I said yes.



  1. That photo of Katie - ethereal. I got hooked on a show on Netflix that I never thought I would like. Not sure if you would, but it's worth telling you about. The female lead is an FBI agent and she rocks. She investigates on the Fringe team and the show is called Fringe. I'd heard about it before but never thought it would be something I like. My second favorite character on the show is John Noble who plays Dr. Walter Bishop. Interesting show (but a little gross at times - I close my eyes).

  2. Hi Donna, my daughter and son in law watch Homeland. I've only seen a couple of episodes here, in English - and it was not my cup of tea.

    speaking of tea, sorry about the reaction. I don't like Sorbitol and I don't think it likes me either.

    Back to television: I recomomend White Collar, but start from the beginning. I think it's smart writing and I love the characters.

    The Good Wife is an interesting show and it takes place in Chicago (you probably know this) which I find a bonus. I just love Juliana M. (I won't attempt to spell her name) and have ever since she was in ER.

    Mmmmm that brat looks good, fixin's or not.

  3. Laura Kleffman9:46 AM

    Have you guys ever tried watching Friday Nigh Lights? Awesome show.

    1. I loved it. As long as you can get past the anxiety and dread that your children will make those same choices as high schoolers. :) The marriage of Eric and tami is awesome.

    2. I loved him in Early Edition.

      I wish I was more of a football person (she hangs her head in shame) - I'm just not :-/ Maybe whenever I am back in the States and can actually do Netflix again I will give it a try.

  4. I haven't Laura. I hear great things about that show!!

  5. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Laura, Friday Night Lights is one of the shows we've picked to watch this summer! I know people loved it and we just never watched it. The other one everyone tells me I would love is Parenthood. I need to get season 1 and get going on that, too!

    Donna, sorry you're having trouble with Crystal Light half and half. I am a big fan of Diet Pepsi but stopped drinking it for Lent and haven't gone back. I really, really, really miss it, but am trying to steer clear of additives, etc. :( Did I mention that I really miss it? Fountain soda.....yummmm....

    Mary Z

    1. I hear great things about Parenthood too - I love Lauren Graham (Lorelei Gilmore :-)

    2. we love parenthood. this is literally the only show we watch on television. matthew and I both love it equally.

    3. we love parenthood. this is literally the only show we watch on television. matthew and I both love it equally.

  6. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Ms. Boo - normally a lurker, but I wanted to say I have a colleague who also is allergic to something in Crystal Lite. I can't for the life remember WHAT it is she's allergic to, but she can't drink it! Very odd!


    1. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Another semi-lurker here. I am sensitive to the "tol's" - mannitol, sorbitol and xlitol, which I have found in the Lipton Tea and Honey powdered drink mixes. Perhaps that is what you're thinking of.

  7. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I like your simple meal. Sometimes I get caught up in thinking I have to prepare a big meal, then shift gears and make a simple one. I always thank myself when I'm cleaning up the kitchen. We love brats. Our grocery store has pineapple brats that are so good with a bun and mustard.
    I haven't watched Homeland. I have Friday Night Lights saved in my queue on Netflix. You know...along with about ten other shows. I can't wait for Season 2 of Call the Midwife to come out.
    Happy Half Birthday, Katie!! Have a fun slumber party with your sister, Ginny tonight!!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  8. Donna,
    I love the Good Wife and Friday Night Lights. Those are great choices! You will care about the characters. And the writing is terrific. If you want to laugh, I suggest Parks and Recreation. The characters are funny and good-hearted. You can watch past seasons on Netflix. And finally, my family and I enjoyed Elementary. It is not as good as Sherlock, but the characters grow on you. It appealed to both the guys and the gals at my house.

    Happy watching.


  9. Because I am geeky like this:
    Look up "phenylalanine sensitivity"....maybe that's it :)

    Happy half birthday!!!

  10. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I lurk for ages and then some odd thing or other will bring me to comment. Can I mention how great your commenters are? I love this blog and the whole happy family here. Anyway - I have a DS Katie's age, and two much older kids, too. I have a TV suggestion you might think very strange if you haven't ever seen it. It's Dr. Who, and the new ones are all on Netflix. We watch them all together and it's a fun mix of humor, romance, adventure, and silliness. We find a lot to talk about. The Doctor just loves human beings and his companions are often very ordinary people who turn out to be really special, with the implication that anyone and everyone is truly special. There's always a hook into a really great conversation. Back when my older kids were this age we watched Babylon 5 together, which had a lot of ties to historical events in it, too, but I think that's a little more challenging to get into.

    Elizabeth in Denver

    1. I read Sarah Bessey's blog and she LOVES Dr. Who. Until she wrote recently about the show I didn't give it a 2nd thought - but now I'm very curious. Your thoughts above confirm much of what she said. I gotta see it :-)


    2. Dr. Who. Big hit with many of the readers here.
      I thought it was science fiction.
      What am I confusing it with?

    3. My dear Hubby has been watching Dr. Who his whole life - truly. We have a trunk full of VHS tapes of episodes from the 60s-80s. We adore this show, and the new ones are just as good. Really. Some a little scary (don't blink!) but still so adventurous and with tons of redemptive moments. And I still miss Rose.

  11. My husband and I love Inspector Lewis on PBS. The new and final season has started and we are glued to the tv on Sunday evenings. It is a different kind of detective show and we love that they write in all sorts of literary and biblical references - Lewis's sidekick is Sgt Hathaway who is Cambridge educated and seminary trained. We love trying to figure out the references - call us nerds!

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      My husband and I are also Inspector Lewis fans and when we first started watching the show he kept talking about Inspector we went back and watched all the Morse shows and enjoyed seeing how Lewis started out. Fun! jep

  12. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I love visiting QL, Donna. Your thoughts are deep, often random (could I LOVE that any more than I do?!), and funny.

    Just wanted you to know that a visit to QL each day is often the balm I need for my soul!

    It's hotter than Hades here in Wheaton - wish I were still young enough to go to the pool. Now my teen daughter has a fit if I'm there when she is. Who knew that becoming a middle aged parent would have so many rules?! :)

  13. OH Ginny and Katie will be bedmates forever...its about time!!!!

    I dont watch those icky shows Donna BOO!!! EWWW. Watch NORTHAMERICA the series with'll be hitchin that airstream to your car and touring the national parks in no time. ANd TOmmy Selleck,cutey pie narrates it....

    Fireman watches the icky shows with firemen at work: I get too upset watching that stuff.

    OH and all the sugar substitutes give me tummy pains and the like. Its real sugar for me. BUT no coke Donna. Ive been pop free for almost a month.
    I almost fell off the wagon I went by an old haunt that had the BEST fountain coke...but I ....carried on....

    Im drinking diluted lemonade.....these days

  14. Hey you should enter my contest. GO back a few posts to the naked chested Tim Mcgraw post and leave a comment...

  15. Hi Miz Boo! I can't handle crystal light sweeteners, either. As Pooh would say, it makes my tumbly rumbly. :-)

    We have been on the fence about Homeland, only because we watch the Reds every night and there isn't time for a new show. Ha! But now I won't watch it. I really appreciate your review! And it's sad, since it's Soames from the Forsyth Saga. Ah, well.

    Have a great summer!!

  16. Anonymous3:17 PM

    I get a severe headache about 30-60 minutes after drinking Crystal Light. Many on the interwebz say it's the aspartame, but I don't remember having that problem with diet sodas or Splenda. Karen DV

  17. Yes. I do not have trouble with nutrasweet.
    It's one of those 'tols' I am sure.

  18. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Sweet, beautiful Katie, simple meals and opinions...what is not to like today? Your brats look yummy...we must make some soon...they are so summery. I have troubles with prepared drinks and mostly just drink water with a cup of hot chocolate in the morning and a frozen hot chocolate (PW's recipe) at night. Sorry you have troubles, too. We watched The Good Wife up until a recent season and then kind of fell off the bandwagon. We have enjoyed Suits, Covert Affairs, and almost all of the BBC mystery series.
    Scary hot here, so staying inside and watching Netflix is a good move.
    love and prayers, jep

  19. Donna,

    I echo the comments about fake sweeteners...none of them settle well with me. And there is something about fast food in general that now makes me all stuffed up and coughing. I think my body is screaming at me to be healthier, which I am happy to attempt most of the time.

    We have loved White Collar and Doctor Who around here. My Claire is a total Dr. Who addict, which seems to be very common with her friends. I enjoy it, but I don't need to obsess on it. I really want to try Elementary, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I still haven't seen the recent season of Downton, and I am eager for season two of Call the Midwife.

    It is raining here ... it makes me so happy!


    p.s. that photo of Katie is so lovely. She sure is growing up.

    1. Di, I watched Elementary when I was up in Alaska in March - my Sis-in-Law records it. I liked it, but not as much as Sherlock (which I've only seen 2 episodes of).

      Time to watch some Downton :-)

  20. I was telling Dad the other day, Homeland gets better, but Carrie is just awful, and of course you don't sympathize with Brody. The thing is they do push the envelope and not just tease the whole time. They reveal more and more about Brody, and you find out it is not necessarily religious, but it is personal, so it is interesting.

    But yeah, there is no way that Homeland should win Emmy Awards over a show like Mad Men or Downton Abbey.


  21. Awhile ago while at the grocery store and purchasing numerous boxes of Crystal Light a young woman with a baby asked me if I really was going to drink that. I stopped and said, "Yes" to which she replied that she dyed yarn that she spun using Crystal Light because of the "dyes" in it!! YIKES! She told me to drink "Pure" which is also made by Crystal Light. I switched and it's delicious though it can be hard to find sometimes. Check the contents and see if there are any additives you can't tolerate ... worth a try! I, too, need to wean off soda ... bad, bad, bad stuff but soooooooooo delicious and addictive! Linda

  22. I'm catching up on your blog...I wanted to comment here because of your reaction to the Crystal Light. My husband has an allergy to aspartame. I don't know if that is what is in C.L. but he found he cannot have anything diet because it makes him feel very bad, it gives him symptoms of one of the glycemias (whichever one would lead one to think they ought to cut sugar out, ironically, which would lead one to drink diet drinks, for example). Anyway, once he stopped drinking Diet Coke, his bad physical feelings went away. It's something to think about. The artificial sweeteners are pretty bad. I know a lot of doctors recommend diet drink/food, but I would avoid them. Drink water (I know it's hard...that's what I have been trying to do in order to break my soda habit, because I drink the real deal, and that is a lot of sugar, which is bad too). :)


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