Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hello Iowa

Hello Iowa.

For @jkost

Sleepy Malachi
Me and Malachi

Peek. Little legs.

Good little nurser.

Melinda and Malachi



I couldn't tell how out of focus this picture was on the phone...
It's just so darn cute anyway.


On the way home...
potty stop about an hour from home.
beautiful Wisconsin.

Vine @ the Children's Museum.
It was really a nice museum!
So many fun things for Asher and Katie to do.
Just off highway 80 near Iowa City.


Gotta run.  It took a half hour to upload that seven second vid.

Lots of love,



  1. Splendid! How to pick a favorite photo? It has to be Melinda slinging Malachi. Just gorgeous.

  2. That's our Children's Museum! My kids love it, but we are moving to Dubuque in about two weeks...which I also believe you have a picture of in this post...is that bridge picture you posted when you cross the Mississippi from Wisconsin into Iowa at Dubuque? Glad you had a good time with your grand kids!

    1. I love that bridge. My parents are from platteville!

  3. Anonymous1:06 PM

    1. I'm glad Iowa treated you all well.
    2. The baby wearing. I can't take it. It's so awesome. I carried Sophia around the house in a sling. It was the only place she'd sleep for awhile. Melinda, you are such a pretty mama.
    3. I love all the pretty colors in the picture of the bins.
    4. I have heard good things about the Children's Museum. I wondered if that's where you all were at. ; )

    Thanks for sharing!
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  4. Anonymous1:46 PM

    So thankful for your fun-filled day with the Grands. I enjoyed all the photographs. Your eye is spot on in every one of them. And, thank you for taking the time to imbed the video...Wheeeee! love and prayers, jep

  5. Anonymous2:01 PM

    I love Melinda's necklace! Every mom needs one of those!! We used to meet our Omaha relatives in Iowa City over Thanksgiving weekend and we'd go to that museum. That mall was the best with the museum, carousel, ice rink and movie theater. There was always something to do when the kids tired of swimming in the hotel pool. Thanks for sharing more of your, as always, beautiful photography!!

    Mary Z

  6. darling boys! love the happy little nurser, and the peeking photo is so cute too.

    and the sunset scene on the way home is so lovely :-)

  7. amazing and adorable....
    Those baby wraps make me nervous.. How does it stay up well??

    1. It's all in the tie-ing. Mine saved my sanity!

  8. Wisconsin is SUCH a beautiful state ... loved that picture. Glad you enjoyed your visit ... ALL are great pictures ;-) They grow up sooooo fast......

  9. The last video is funny :D
    Thank you for sharing your pics, DOnna.


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