Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Downton Abbey Season Three. There will be spoilers.

As news about the upcoming season of Downton Abbey strolls thru my news feed I realize something...I don't really care.

After the First season I watched and rewatched the episodes until  Season Two came along.  And then I watched and watched Season Two until season three aired.  But Season Three has stopped me dead in my Downton Abbey tracks.

I know I defended the shows right to kill Matthew.  What were they suppose to do?  And Sybil?  What to do?  They wanted to leave.

But to tell the truth I kind of just wish they would have ended the show with Matthew still alive and Mary and Matthew and baby living happily at Downton Abbey.  The End.

That's what I would have done.

I don't really care enough about the other characters.

Matthew and Mary's story is what made me watch and watch and fall in love.

This is not to say I will not watch the show when it returns in January because I love to watch television and Maggie Smith is a big draw for me.  But for me, the heart of the show is gone.

I will not be rewatching Season Three.
I don't even think I could rewatch the wedding.  It was so beautiful.

One other thing, I hate Edith's storyline.  Jane Eyre has been done.
I like that Edith works....I don't like her terrible romantic situations.

And so it goes...

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Are you rewatching Season Three?
Is your heart still in it?

Encourage one another,


  1. Janice10:25 AM

    But it's called Downton Abbey, not Matthew and Mary. I loved them, but I love the story of what happens in the home. And I cannot resist the period clothes.
    I will re watch and am looking forward to Season 4!

    1. Anonymous11:44 AM

      Dear Donna-I am with Janice. It's not the Matthew and Mary Show. They were fun but so were some others. HOW will they sell us another romance of Mary's? Maggie Smith is great. When she's gone from the show, maybe I will be also. Bates and Anna as a couple are annoying. We need some excellent writing for Season 4 to take us all forward. What's next?! I am looking forward to Season 4! Regards-Jamie

  2. I am sure you are not alone.

  3. No....not rewatching Season 3, however, I know I will watch Season 4. I can't imagine what they will do to keep me interested.... but I will watch. I do believe it cleanses me from my low brow watching of the housewives... heehee

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I know what you mean . . I'm anticipating season 4, but not like in the past when it was so hard to wait for January and the new episodes. I'm not rewatching season 3 - it was just too sad. -- Krista W in Mo.

  5. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I haven't re-watched Season 3 as much as I did the other two. For me, there are too many "heartbreaking" episodes that I don't want to see unfold again, even though I know how they end. I'm looking forward to Season 4 but not with as much gusto as past seasons, because so many of my favorite characters/story lines/elements are missing. I sure hope Julian Fellowes makes me change my opinion and proves me wrong!

  6. Will not re-watch season 3 and not super excited about season 4.....Like you, I'm not a fan of Edith or Sybil's husband or Thomas and where his storyline is going....I think they jumped the shark.

  7. Yes, I will watch! It's something my husband and I are looking forward to. I too love Maggie Smith, and even though I absolutely adored the Matthew/Mary story line, I do love just about all of the characters (with the exception of the character Elizabeth McGovern portrays. I find her terribly flat.

    Not wishing the summer away but I can't wait until January!!!!

  8. Matthew had just started to grow on me when he left the show...

    I love Bates and Anna. They are my favorites and the people 'downstairs' are so much fun to watch and see their characters develop. As much as I loved Sybil - her storyline just wasn't going anywhere any more (and they really need to do something with poor Tom) and Edith... eh.

    I am looking forward to seeing where they will be going with Season Four...

  9. I love the show. Not as fervently as at the beginning, but it's still head and shoulders above other shows out there (production values, writing) and I love re-watching.

    Even Season 3. I have already re-watched Season 3 twice. Remember, I don't have a lot of English language television available (and no Netflix over here) so my options are limited. I watch less television in the summer, naturally - but this past winter I watched all 3 seasons over again for the THIRD time. yes, I am THAT viewer.

    I don't mind watching again the sad episodes because I find gems in the writing, acting that I missed in the midst of my emotions.

    Season 4 will likely not be as good as Season One or Two but hopefully it won't be worse than Season 3. I do adore the Dowager Countess, Cora, Bates & Anna, and I will proudly say I like Tom. And I love Mary.

    I will miss Matthew. I agree with you, Donna - they should have ended it with them living happily ever after with their baby boy, and Edith being the Mary Tyler Moore of her day and "making it after all" on her own. too bad that didn't happen.

    Gosh, I'm writing a book again!!


  10. Hi, it's me again! did you miss me ;-)

    I wanted to add that my Sister-in-law (who lives up in Alaska) had a great idea. She is having people over to watch together and having slightly fancy dinner parties (actually glorified share-a-dishes). She has found 3 couples who own up to watching together and having them over.

    I think this is a grand idea. I would do it if I were in the States.

    1. Julie3:09 PM

      Always love hearing from you, Susan, whether it is one of your books or simply a smile. :)

  11. I'm looking forward to it - but admittedly, I haven't rewatched season 3 in the same way as I did the others. I will this fall, I'm sure... But I'll watch. It's too Englishly-beautiful of a show for the Seefeldts to miss. :)

    1. {{{LIKE}}}

      I love Englishly-beautiful stuff too :-)

  12. I will watch. Not rewatching any of the seasons, but looking forward to season 4 and hoping Tom will find happiness. Anna and Bates are my favorite of the downstairs crew. Some of my favorite subplots have been the ones with all the "help."

  13. Julie3:22 PM

    Work has been busy but having a week off has been even busier (visiting relatives out of state). I have missed touching base regularly with all of you here over the past few weeks!

    I will be watching next season for sure. Like others, I find much of what is offered on television not very satisfying even as a guilty pleasure. I was a big fan of The West Wing because of their speedy and intelligent dialog, often needing to rewind to catch things if I had been smart enough to tape it. I feel the same way about Downton Abbey. The cast of DA is large enough that there will be other stories to capture my interest.

    I always seem to be the one who picks the shows that are canceled three episodes in, but once in awhile I will pick one that the Nielsen people like too and have found that, over time, some of the characters I like least in the beginning grow on me and become favorites as the seasons go on. So hopefully The writers will have pleasant surprises awaiting in the next season.

    Since I don't own any of the seasons, I will not rewatch unless our PBS station airs repeats before the next season, as they have done to a certain extent in the past.

  14. West Wing was a great show!

  15. Anonymous4:45 PM

    In the world where I get to make all the decisions, favorite characters would not be allowed to die. If the actor wants out for a while, just have the character take a long trip or something and then have the actor come back for enough episodes to please the audience before taking off again or do flashbacks...just no dying. I am a happy ending kind of gal. Thank you very much! ;-) Can you tell there is no rewatching going on at our house and I don't know about season 4 yet. I am reserving my right to watch or not.

    I so enjoyed your "TV and Movie Dads" entry over at PW's today. Well done!
    love and prayers, jep

  16. I won't rewatch it, I don't even know if I'll watch S4. Maybe. Probably. I do host a show about it. Ho hum. My heart is not in whatever comes after the end of S3. It was too heartbreaking.

  17. I'm looking forward to the next season. I wasn't as fond of the Matthew actor as you and some other fans. No huge heartbreak here. I'll have no trouble accepting another husband for Mary, as long as he's a decent sort...the beauty of television. :)

    I haven't re-watched any episode, but have eagerly waited for and viewed each new episode after its release.

    Fun post, Donna, and I'm enjoying the other comments.

  18. Matthew was one of my favorite characters, after Maggie Smith of course! I do love the Bates but my heart isn't going to be in it as much as previous seasons. I hope they can come up with more great characters and storylines and bring me back into it.

  19. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I'm looking forward to Season 4 Downton Abbey! Nothing compares to the beautiful and wonderfully written British shows on PBS. Hoping for another season of Call the Midwife-one of the best shows ever!

  20. P.S. I really loved your article for PW on Fathers in the Movies. Well done :-)

    1. Anonymous6:56 AM

      Agreed! You have such a knack for writing about movies, TV and the various characters. I feel as though you're there in person discussing them.
      Mary Z

    2. Anonymous7:01 AM

      Oh, and your lost hairbrush comment was too funny!!! And so true!! :)
      Mary Z

  21. Anonymous7:00 AM

    I, too, was a big fan of the Matthew/Mary storyline and will miss following their relationship. As long as the writers don't put Mary and Tom together, it will likely be very interesting to see how they both cope with being alone and raising their little ones. The show is rich with characters and potential storylines, but why, oh, why did Sybil and Matthew both want to leave the same season? Not cool, Robert Frost!! :(
    Mary Z

  22. I never watched at all. I should watch the seasons now though. You loved it so much.
    I watch the Real Housewives. Total trashiness.
    Tonight I am watching Catfish. I find this show fascinating.
    I have so much to edit tonight but I just want to go to sleep.

  23. We didn't watch when it was on tv. My girls and I are watching all the dvds. Right now we are on season 2, last night we watched episode 2. My favorite thing to say after each viewing is: "A surprise around every corner!" I do know a little about what is going to happen since reading spoiler alerts here, but I didn't know I was going to end up watching it and loving it. My girls are enthralled! I think when we get to the end of season 3, we are going to be very sad. I know my girls will be upset. :( They don't know what I know...

    My phone is 4 years old and I just figured out how to use the calculator on it. I am not into technology at all. I guess if I had a really nice phone, I would use it for all kinds of things.

    Off to work! I have two jobs today from 10-2 and then 5-9:30. I just want to stay home. :(

    Have a good weekend!


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