Monday, June 10, 2013

hometown days fair

My husband says, "looks like CandyCrush!"

Town fair




We went to an antique mall on Saturday.  Katie tried on hats.


I like the kitchen stuff.
Patrick likes the Heywood-Wakefield furniture.

Do you like going to antique stores?
What items do you like looking at best of all?

We started watching Homeland this weekend.
The wife's wig is horrendous.
I googled it.  I am not alone in my wig judgement.
Glad to hear it will be gone soon.

And that is all I have to say about Homeland so far.

Encourage one another,


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Katie looks like a model in the hat picture. Cute!

    I like to go to antique stores. I'd say that I like to look at kitchen stuff, quilts and bedroom furniture the best.

    Happy Monday,
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  2. I love trying on hats. That straw hat is the perfect frame for Katie's big, soul-full eyes.

    Off to google Heywood-Wakefield furniture!


    p.s. I think it is time for more wisdom from Patrick; don't you agree?

    1. I agree - furniture tips from Patrick sounds way cool!

  3. Anonymous12:12 PM

    In antique stores I search for blue transferware dishes, antique photograph pins that I collect, quilts, and always look in the jewelry cases for that strand of real pearls or diamond ring that hasn't been recognized for what it is and is waaaayyyy underpriced (ha, ha, never happens). If my husband and I go on any trip we always search out an antique store in town. It is relaxing and fun for both of us.
    Debbie Z.

  4. Oh, how I love to go antique shopping and estate sale shopping. The hubs and I like to find good pieces that may have a rough finish and can be bought for a good price and then refurbished. He is a wood whisperer and has coaxed the beauty out of many neglected items. I am a lucky woman. I also like vintage Native American jewelry, Chinese pottery, and landscape paintings. My head is huge and I cannot wear vintage hats. Katie looks perfect in that photo.

    1. Anonymous1:01 PM

      Rachel, my husband refurbishes furniture too! When we were newlyweds many years ago he refinished a antique dining table and chairs and a wooden rocker and those were our only furniture besides our bed. The years have added many antiques since then. I love Native American jewelry too and search for wonderful turquoise. I don't own much but I sure do admire it.
      Debbie Z.

    2. My son-in-law refinishes/refurbishes furniture too! He can take a a piece of furniture that someone puts out to the curb for garbage and make it look beautiful. :)

  5. Amy J in WI2:23 PM

    Love Hometown Days (many memories, including winning goldfish), not a fan of antique stores. Having fun in Cape cod this week :).

  6. Julie4:41 PM

    Love the vibrant colors in your photos today, Donna. Busy day today at work with a capital B and this is just the smile-inducing break I need :)

    I like to poke around in those shops on occasion but couldn't take a steady diet of it. I'm not great at having a vision for decor upcycling and am pretty strict about not accumulating "stuff" without a purpose.

    Enjoying the sunshine after the fog and clouds finally went on their way around noon--more rain expected tomorrow night.

  7. Katie's adorable ....great hat on her.

    At antique stores I like to try to find old angels, Bakelite stuff and old aprons if they are not stained. :)

  8. I look for head vases, pink glass plates made in France that came on the market in the mid 1970's, old reading glasses, and old magazines. Wonderful eye candy for pics today. Thank you !!

  9. Dishes...I don't buy or collect anything, but it's the dishes, the greens and peach colors especially. I love it when I see patterns of household items we had when I was a kid in the 70s. Ugly...all of it, but still fun to see.

  10. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Katie in that hat is perfection. So, so cute!!

    I love antique stores and flea markets, though I don't have much opportunity to explore either. I love looking at dishes, jewelry and furniture.

    Mary Z

  11. Vintage eyeglass frames!!!!!

  12. I never go to antique stores. They seem fun. I just don't have time for that right now.

    I know you're not doing the Bonhoeffer thing here anymore, but I hope you are still reading it and enjoying it (although for some parts, another verb would be better...still grateful to be reading it, maybe?). :)

  13. I was thinking about that just last night, Christina. I reread the final three chapters (and bawled my eyes out of my head) and couldn't remember if QL ever finished the book... I know that participation wasn't strong, but

    1. Sorry. Comment box freezes on my iPad sometimes.. I hope you got to the end of the book, Donna.... It's worth it!!!

  14. Christina and Stephanie,
    I am still reading. Bonheoffer has just returned from America after only being here for 28 days.
    Hitler invaded Poland after staging the death of a 'German soldier'.
    Since I am a slow reader, the book feels like a textbook to me.
    I really love learning about the resistance against Hitler and that many people thought he was insane.
    Scary that he could not be ousted.

  15. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I am still reading Bonhoeffer, but have slowed down, so I can read parts of it with my husband. So grateful to everyone who recommended the book. I feel blessed reading it.

    Beautiful colors and subjects in those photographs. That Katie looks good all the time.

    I like to walk around in antique or junk stores and see items that I have inherited from my mom and grandmother. It calms me somehow looking at all the old stuff. Garage sales and thrift stores for toys and kid's clothes and books are where I really enjoy going and seem to spend my money. ;-) love and prayers, jep

  16. I'm still reading Bonhoeffer. Slowly.

    I had my brother and sister in law here for 2 weeks and got totally side-tracked.

    And my dog died. Which has for some reason made it difficult for me to focus on books. I expect to get back to being able to concentrate very soon. I hope.

    I don't expect to stop missing my doggy any time soon. He was a good old boy (lived 15 1/2 years) and had a good life, andI'm trying to remember that.

    (sorry, it seems to be affecting all parts of my life :-/

  17. I think it is very interesting to love your doggy so much. I think it is not uncommon. I have never felt the missing of a beloved pet.
    Our cat when she dies...well....It will not effect me.
    I don't know about missing Ginny yet. But as you say, 15 years is a very long time.
    You must have been such good friends.

    As we know about is is personal...there is no formula....
    I pray you will find comfort in your memories Swiss Miss.
    You were a good friend.

  18. I like antique stores very much. I used to go and wander around them when Jen lived nearby as she absolutely LOVES them. Now, I am always with the kids and they don't want to meander through an antique store usually.

    I like the hat. It reminds me of Anne of Green Gables for some reason.

    I would love to go to an antique store with you.


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