Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Did you know I have a recipe blog?

Did you know I have a recipe blog?
It is a humble little thing.
I think I posted my first recipes in 2004.

No pictures.  I probably did not have a digital camera back then.

But here is the link...

Recipes I have known and loved.

Today I made the Broccoli-Cauliflower salad for my very special lunch guests.
(The salad is on the first page of my recipe blog.)
Everyone loves this salad.  It's so good.
The recipe, from Marcia Adam's Amish cookbook, calls for just broccoli.  I thought adding the cauliflower would be nice.  And it is.

So check it out.
Everything is easy enough for this Easy Chef to make.
And I mean Chef as in Chef Boy-r-dee.

For sure.   My humble recipe blog.

In more recent years I have added a picture or two.

So I gotta run and clean some more....
Dog hair, you  know.

By the way, the guests are people you might know from the comments.
Carol B is visiting her family in Chicago (all the way from Oregon) and she loves to some and see Stephanie who lives north of here....Stephanie is coming to town for some errands today so I invited them to come here.
I always want to have people over....and I pretty much never do.
Carol's sister Dorothy is coming too.
Don't you just love her name?
I do.

So here I go.  Hospitality 101.

Love ya lots.


  1. I just love imagining the 4 of you together. I have a dear friend named Dorothy who I haven't seen in years. Makes me smile to think of it. I've always loved the name.

    Having ladies to lunch is the most fun way to "entertain". that's what I think anyway :-) They love EVERYTHING you do. Us gals are so good at appeciating one another. I love it.

    1. Anonymous10:47 AM

      So true.

      Sarah P. from Iowa

    2. Anonymous11:09 AM


      Mary Z

    3. Absolutely! :)

    4. There is something special about lunch with friends. I don't usually host lunch time gatherings...I think I am going to change that.


  2. Amy J in WI9:54 AM


    I just always invite myself over :). Have a great time today. Dog hair is something that I deeply understand....

  3. Amy. You are my most frequent guest. I live every time we get together! Thank you for inviting yourself over. It's the best.

  4. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Yay! Food and company!! Some of my favorite things. Love it!

    I've tried your Italian Beef and the Italian Restaurant Salad. So, so good and they really are easy recipes.

    You all have a great time!!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  5. So glad to know about the recipe blog! I'll check it out!

    Y'all have fun today!

  6. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Friends, food and, I'm sure, laughter are the order of the day for you ladies. Enjoy it!!!

    Mary Z

  7. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Have a wonderful time today! What a great day it would be if all the Quiet Life readers could get together and chat. I just know we would have a great time. Your salad sounds wonderful.
    Debbie Z.

  8. OH I DIDNT know!! !and i 'd love to read your recipes!!!!!

    Happy hosting. YOU were a marvelous host to me and AL back then. We have to visit again some time soon

  9. honey pecan chicken salad here i come!!!

  10. I am SO HAPPY to know you all were together today. My dog hair can match your dog hair, I promise.

    I love that you have your mother's recipes on your recipe blog. One more way Esther lives on through her children!

    Love you, Donna,

  11. Anonymous7:26 PM

    And a good time was had by spite of the dog hair! You are the Hostess with the Mostess Donna! Karen F.

  12. Here is something I had in my stash of fav sayings. I bet it fit you to a tee today!!

    "Hospitality is sharing what we have and who we are with whomever God sends. Hospitality includes setting aside time for fellowship and being flexible in order to accommodate impromptu gatherings." Author unknown

  13. Woke up dreaming of that broccoli salad. it was SO yummy!

    Far too quick of a visit - but utterly blessed in every way. I'm so thankful.

    1. I have so much left over!!!! Wish you had taken some with you :)
      Thank you for coming.
      Wonderful. Wonderful. ~welk

  14. Oh! I loved the pictures of your beautiful guests. I am glad you had people over. I love having people over also. I think it is the nicest way to show someone you care. You care so much you open your home. For the past couple of years I have only had Kaishon's friends. No grown ups. I think I am going to invite my book club soon though : )

    My sister Betsy always says that it is so much cheaper to eat at a restaurant instead of having people over. And I do agree. I think by the time you buy ingredients and prepare it is more expensive, but honestly, you are sharing more than just food when people are in your home. You are sharing a little piece of you.


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