Wednesday, June 05, 2013

SYTYCD. Light. June by Updike.

So you think you can dance.

Enjoy this funny, entertaining young guy from Missouri.
Katie and I laughed so hard when Caleb's dad came on the stage.
What a fun dad!


This time of day....

Even pretty in b&w

Sometimes just looking up and seeing the light is enough. ~Terri Guillemets


The sun is rich
And gladly pays
In golden hours,
Silver days,

And long green weeks
That never end.
School's out. The time
Is ours to spend.

The playground calls,
The ice-cream man,
And, after supper,

The live-long light
Is like a dream,
And freckles come
Like flies to cream.

~John Updike

How great are those words?
The live-long light is like a dream and freckles come like flies to cream.

music to my ears


Encourage one another,


  1. I loved Caleb. He had me rolling and he has such immense talent. I felt like he had a throwback, whimsical quality. Almost Danny Kaye-esque!

  2. Love that poem. The kick the can part caught my heart and brought me right back to the days of being 12 years old and playing with the neighbor kids until someone's mom or dad called them in for the night. Fun. Thanks for invoking the smile-worthy memory!

  3. Oh, thanks for posting that. Great entertainment! I hope he goes a long way.

    I'm always waiting for your month poems and you don't disappoint.

    Here's a video that Annie Downs posted on her blog under "Afternoon Distraction". I think you and Katie might like it. ;)

  4. We love this show and we always forget to watch it. Thanks for the reminder! This kid is great!

  5. Anonymous11:53 AM

    "And long green weeks that never end" is my favorite part and as a child how I thought about summer, too. Thanks for Caleb, what a performer..both dancing and comedic talent. He is a double threat. And, his dad, wow what support he has from his family. Just warms my heart. Thanks Donna! love and prayers, jep

  6. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Thanks for sharing the video of Caleb. Too funny. I love how he wove humor into his dance. The end where he hugged his dad...that pulled on my heartstrings a little bit.

    "Sometimes just looking up and seeing the light is enough." YES!!

    Love to you all,
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  7. Thank you. SYTYCD clip made me laugh and smile and think a new person to cheer on. Then the light quote. I'm stealing it. We have been in a very dark place with our very hard foster son, soon to be adopted son, and these were the words I so needed to hear today. Thank you.

    1. That sounds very difficult Jen. I'm glad the quote could lift your spirits a little.

    2. Anonymous7:08 PM

      Wishing you easier times soon, Jen.
      Mary Z

    3. Jen is one of the best people I know. Please pray for her and her sweet family. I have such respect for her and the choices she's made.. hang in there J. Hang.In.There. You are not alone.

    4. thank you...I can't begin to tell you...just thank you

    5. God bless you and strengthen you Jen. God is able to make all grace abound towards you ... so you can abound in every good thing. Amen.

  8. I'm soooo happy SYTYCD is back on! And, this audition show was probably my most favorite of all the seasons. My husband hates watching audition shows, in general, because it makes him very uncomfortable. We were glad that this last audition show was focused more on the good dancers and less on the crazies.

    You always seem to find the just-right quotes, Donna.

  9. Perfect poem, Donna. Anything with freckles and playgrounds says childhood to me (-: The green AND the b/w pics are so beautiful. Thanks!

    Calling all QLCS prayers. My oldest Madelaine is in her last week and a half of college. She has to defend her senior thesis to three faculty members next Monday, finish other papers, take two finals, prepare to deliver a speech at graduation AND she just wrote to say that she is SICK. Could you all pray for Madelaine as she races to the finish line? THANK YOU.

    Jen, you and yours will be in my prayers this afternoon.


    1. Anonymous5:14 PM

      prayers : )

      Sarah P. from Iowa

    2. Anonymous7:07 PM

      Prayers for your girl, Di. I hope she feels better soon!!
      Mary Z

    3. Ack! Madelaine! Honored to pray. Of course. Sending love and hugs to a worried Mama, too.

    4. God bless your girl!!!
      She can do it! I know she can!
      Prayers and lots of love coming your way.

    5. I echo Donna, she can do it! By the grace of God and with His help, for sure!

      Adding my prayers Di

  10. Anonymous7:18 PM

    I've never seen SYTYCD and loved this video! I may have to add the show to my list.

    The light quote, Updike poem, pictures of light and cute Katie were all soul food today. Thanks for sharing!!

    Mary Z

  11. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Oh my goodness. I love SYTYCD and I haven't been watching this season! So, thank you for the video! That was some good dancing!

  12. SYTYCD is my favorite show! Had not seen this weeks episode yet! Its on the DVR, its the show my 15 year old and I love to watch together. Love your blog! Been reading here for ages! Thanks from Louisiana!


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