Saturday, June 22, 2013

Katie helped me string the lights.

My lights came in the mail yesterday.  Katie and I hung them on the umbrella just like we saw at Pottery Barn.  I just adore twinkle lights so I just took a little leap and bought them.  Now I need those little outdoor candles to keep the buggies away.

This is from our trip to San Francisco to see Patrick Jr.
Muir Beach. 2010.



family portrait  :o)

Happy Weekend!

Love ya,


  1. What a fun day at the beach :-)

    And I love those twinkly lights!

  2. I love your lights! Have a wonderful weekend, Donna ~

  3. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I just laid Sophie down for a nap and enjoying a little bit of quiet time. How fun are those twinkle lights?! Now you just need to have some company over. : )

    Happy weekend!
    Sarah P. from Iowa

    P.S. Here's a virtual (hug) if you're missing your older kids today. Those pictures show lots of fun and love.

  4. Anonymous4:10 PM

    That lovely umbrella with those lights will be fun for the Boucher family this summer I hope. Really pretty!
    love and prayers, jep
    PS Just watched the movie Lincoln from our library and we so enjoyed it. Thank you for recommending it.

  5. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Great family portrait!! I also love the houses on the hill!

    Happy weekend and hope you are able to enjoy your twinkly lights. What a cool idea. :)

    Mary Z

  6. Was it really that long ago? COME BACK!

    I love twinkle lights. Yours look great.

  7. I adore the family portrait.

  8. I always love your family portraits!! :)
    I have a camera question: I am going to Turkey and Greece. I have a kit lens for the Sony A55 or something like that (It's a pretty good digital camera), I have a Tamron 18-270 (I think that is right), and a 50mm. If I were taking two of them, what would recommend? The Tamron and the 50mm? I think two would be enough to keep track of...if you knew me in person, you would agree. :)
    Thank you for any advice!!

    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      Dear Christina, Praying "Traveling Mercies" for you. Have a wonderful time and enjoy taking those photographs. love and prayers, jep

    2. Christina, your choices are perfect. How exciting!!

    3. Christina, any layovers in Zurich ;-)

  9. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Put a few containers of Lemongrass on the patio it keeps away the bugs & looks pretty too!

  10. Thank you for that tip!

  11. Good morning! Loving your blog as always. Source for your twinkle lights, and are they plug in? Do indeed love that look, and Katie is rocking the photo.. Happy last week of June!

  12. This lights are from Pottery Barn. They are plug in.
    I saw this set up at Pattery Barn and bought the whole thing....just like at the store.


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