Thursday, June 27, 2013

Father's in Film on The Pioneer Woman


My article on Fathers in Film is up at Ree's today!
Check it out!

Fathers in Film by Miz Boo....that's me.

I am having fun thinking of articles to write for the Entertainment section at Ree's website!
I should say we because Katie helps me brainstorm while we are driving!  AND she types the ideas into the notes on the phone.

Can I say that the notes on my phone is the my second favorite part of a cell phone after Instagram.

When I am watching "The Best Think I Ever Ate" I write down the names and cities of appealing I don't forget.

The Wieners Circle for hot dogs in Chicago on Clark.
Mannys Deli Chicago
17th Street Grill Marion Illinois

Dynamo Donuts San Fran
Choice Brooklyn for a BLT

Sinc Bistro Scottsdale
Gramwich Chicago

Sobelmans Bar and Grill
AJ Bombers (went....not really impressed)

Real Chili Milwaukee
(still dying to go here)

Socca Chicago for Pizza
Kuma Corner Chicago Hamburger

I write down directions to Matthew and Melinda's house.
Where to turn on the way to town.
Where to turn on the way our of town.

I write down the exact socks my hubby likes;
Gold toe Pima cotton from Target

I write down various products:

Brazilian Blowout
(I have not been able to find this in one whole year.)

Absolute Green Multi Purpose cleaner
(Also never found.)

And favorite new artists:

Kacey Musgraves

Dog Names:

Maisy, Lucy, Nelle, Matilda, Miss Honey, Jilly, Monroe, Minny, Harper, Honey, Sally, Belle, Libby, Callie, Radley, Ginny.

The names of songs:

Show me what I'm looking for.
Make me a channel of your love
As a fire is meant for burning
Windows are rolled down

What is your favorite feature on your phone?
I've got a few of them :o)

Good game!

Encourage one another,


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    My favorite feature on my phone is Instagram. I love it. It's like keeping a photo diary of our life. I haven't tried the new video feature yet.
    I've never thought about using the notes feature on my phone. My purse is stuffed with little notes that I've jotted down. Then, at home I have notebooks full of notes. I'm not kidding. I am a compulsive note taker.
    There was a period of time when I would record Dr. Oz. I would take notes during the whole show. I would average about a page and a half of info. I finally said to myself...stop the madness!! LOL I don't watch that show anymore.
    In the latest issue of EveryDay with Rachel Ray the burgers at these restaurants in Madison were suggested to try:
    Graze: Graze burger & Beet and Walnut Burger
    Village Bar: Brick Burger
    Weary Traveler Freehouse: Bob's Bad Breath Burger

    Ok, gotta go!
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  2. I have a grandma of an iPhone. First generation. Pretty ho-hum, but I'm thrilled to have it. It was my hubby's work phone ages ago and when they replaced them, we were able to buy it fairly reasonably.

    (The camera stinks. And I don't have digital service.)

    My favorite thing? I love playing solitaire while waiting for the tram, train or bus. I also use the alarm clock a lot. Love my little yellow notepad too. All the apps are ones that my husband downloaded when it was his phone. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to a phone.

    I loved your Movie post on PW. You rock.

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Hi. The reason you can't find Brazilian Blowout is because it is a brand name for a service that is done in a hair salon only. It is for use by licensed hair stylists. The service at the salon is called a "Keratin Treatment". These treatments help smooth frizzy hair. They generally take a few hours to do. Hope that helps you!

    1. My friend has a product called Brazilian Blowout. I will ask her where she bought it.

    2. Donna, my hair tends to get a bit coarse and fly-away. This is a product that I have been using that I really like:

      (in case you are interested. And it smells wonderful. I like this brand (Kerastase).

  4. SO how many of these restaurants are we going to next week? Phew. Kuma for sure. I can take you to Weiner's Circle (you'll be creeped out), and Gramwich is right next to my old job. Never personally been to Socca but friends say it's good. Can't wait to see you guys :)

    1. It makes me really happy when you comment, Emma.

  5. My friend Nate is the head chef at Harvest in Madison, and they were just named Best of Madison!! So cool.

    1. And I use the 'notes' thing on my iPod touch for shopping lists, song lyrics... Lots of things. I love it!

    2. We never go to the really nice restaurants. The waits are usualy quite long.
      There is one on the square everyone loves call The Old Fashioned. We have tried three times ....and haven't been able to get in.

      You sure know a lot of really cool people Stephie.

  6. Sonjasunshine12:02 PM

    I use the Notes on my iPhone constantly. Don't forget, when Katie's not with you, you can tap the microphone button (left of the space bar) and speak your notes into it. It's about as accurate as the infamous spell-checker and sometimes the results are hilarious, but in a pinch it's pretty handy. (Assuming your phone has that option - I'm not very savvy at this stuff.)
    My other favorite app is the GroceryIQ. It's loaded on mine & my hubby's phone, and my kids' iPods. Whenever we run out of anything in the house, we add it to the grocery list. It's easy because it seems no one in our house is ever more than 12 inches away from their iPhones/iPods. Then whoever happens to stop by the store while they're out can see everything we need and can pick up everybody else's stuff, click the checkbox beside it and ta-da! it's taken off the list. No more calling from the store "Do you need anything while I'm here?" and my standard response "uhhh...I don't know - I don't guess so." Only to find out later we're out of toilet paper!
    It's awesome!

  7. Windows Are Rolled Down will always remind me of one of the last trips I took to Maine with my husband. I was looking for music to download for a road trip CD that year and had just heard of Amos Lee. Actually, I first heard of him here at your blog.

    I think it's a song about a person with a terminal illness who realizes they are dying and at the same time is appreciating the beauty that's still left in their life, and the companion that maybe at one time they may not have been so kind to, who loves and cares for them. It's a song that is full of promise, despite the fact that there is sadness in their life.

    Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Amos Lee's music. xo

    1. I'm very happy Kate. Someone mentioned this song in the comments and then I posted it.
      So I too learn new things the comments. I'm glad the song has 'blessed' you. I didn't know what it was about...cause I'm kind of dopey about lyrics.
      Lots of love.

    2. I finally took a listen - what a cool song. Thanks for this back-story, Country Girl :-) Thanks for posting this tune Donna. I'm looking for road trip tunes myself as we're going on holiday next month.

  8. ps - i only have a dumb phone - no smart phone. the iPod touch is awesome in the meantime, but i can't wait to get the house paid off so we can get our iPhones - and my cleaning lady! ;)

    1. dumb phone here too. cleaning lady, yes please. the other day i told matthew i need to hire someone just to fold and put away my laundry. he looked at me in all seriouslness and said "yah, maybe you should." where do you hire that? and what do you think that costs?

  9. The note taking idea is a GREAT ONE, Donna. My mind gets fuzzier and fuzzier as I get older, and keeping track of lists on my phone would be so much easier. never even occurred to me that I could do that on my phone (-: Like Sarah, I have piles of lists and notes on bits and pieces of paper. Just yesterday I was cleaning out receipts from my wallet and had to put some aside because I had written recipes on the back of them. Good grief. Use the phone, won't kill ya.

    John and I used your recent PW movie list to attempt a Netflix date last night. Unfortunately, the ones we wanted to see were not on Netflix streaming. We ended up watching Act of Valor. Wow! Someday my heart rate will return to normal. God bless those Navy Seals.

    Happy Thursday. I am deep cleaning my living room and already feel ready for a long nap. Dirt and dust and clutter are my constant companions. Maintenance is not my forte. And that is the understatement of the year.


    1. I can't wait to try the feature where i can speak my notes into my phone. Amazing.

    2. Unknown...good grief (-:


    3. 'Maintenance is not my forte'

      This shall be either a bumper sticker or my epitaph.

      Or heck, why not both.

    4. These are surely words to needlepoint on a pillow!

  10. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Loved your post on movie dads and commented about it on yesterday’s QL post. I always seem to be late to the party these days. Anyway, totally loved the hairbrush comment! So true!

    I recently ate at Cheesie’s Pub and Grub in Chicago. YUM!!! Any kind of grilled cheese sandwich you can think of and they will make it for you. I had the caprese. So delish!

    With a camera on my phone, I take more pictures than I ever did before. Words with Friends is pretty cool, too. :)

    Mary Z

  11. This were early to the party Mary! You saw the post before I did :o)

  12. I asked my hairdresser about the Brazillian Blowout a year or so ago - she told me it had been discontinued because there was formaldehyde in it which was dangerous to both the client and the applicator. She told me they came out with a new formula, but it didn't work nearly as well as the poisonous one (or so she said anyways)

    Also, did you see Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition this week (I think that's what it's called) I've never watched it before, but the young guy wanting to lose weight was from Appleton and both Clay Matthews and Donald Driver made surprise appearances to help him - he was a HUGE Packer fan (Duh!) It was really cool!!! :)

    1. Isn't that the way it always goes? You find a product you love and then BOOM. discontinued. Formaldehyde. Sigh.

      I loved extreme makeover this week. Such a great show. The weight room they used was my high school! I screeched when they showed the Southwest sign. So fun!!

  13. must try your dining hot spots!!
    Remember last summer when I introduced you to that Amos Lee SONG? I still love it

  14. Was it you Kathy??? Thank you :)

    1. Just listened some more to Amos Lee on Amazon and chose an album for our roadtrip :-) yay!

  15. My favorite feature? I love the note section also because I can always have Gary and Kaishon's social's and such with me. I just can't memorize them. Too many numbers. I use the calendar to remember all of my kids court dates. I love that I have tetris with me 24/7.

    I will go and look at your article right now.


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