Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thursday night was perfect.

The weather could NOT be more gorgeous!!  That cloud is making a muscle.

This is where Katie played softball.
See the muscle arm?
The game was in Roxbury Wisconsin.
They have a German restaurant and a bar in Roxbury....
and a really old stone church.

The stands.

Sunlight on a grassy knoll.

On the square

This morning we went to the farmer's market on the square.
We bought chocolate chip cookies and ginger cookies and fresh sugar fried donuts at one place and we bought eggs and sticks of meat at another.

There is a slow stroll thing at the farmers market.  People walk at a snails pace around the capitol.
And I mean it.

We can not stand to walk that slow.
And we can not understand anyone wanting to walk that slow.
So we either walk in the street or in the grass.
This is how we roll.


We got free Starbucks today. (gold card points)

It's been a good day...already....

Encourage one another,

P.s. Katie and I went to see Man of Steel.
The acting is great.  So delighted with the cast.  All of them.
The story is not really anything new.
There is way too much action for my taste.  I am not kidding when I say the final battle lasts about an hour.  ugh.  I was looking at my phone to see when it was going to be over.
So. If you love the action stuff  this is the movie for you.
I preferred the personal, talking parts.
But for Superman will not be disappointed.

Dear Diane Lane,
I love you.  I love that you are not a botoxed up actress.
I think you are just the best.  The very very best.
big fan


  1. Can't wait to see this!!! xox
    ps diane lane, i love you, too

  2. Janice11:51 AM

    no vegetables at the farmer's market? sticks of meat, lol

    I bet the ginger cookies are delish

    1. Anonymous1:52 PM

      Only Donna and Katie can go to the Farmers Market and NOT buy fresh produce!! ;)

      sis' cindy :)

    2. You guys....there are no veggies or fruit yet! Strawberries are just coming in now!
      Other than that it is green onions this time of year.

      Nothing is grown yet!
      This time of year you can buy flowers and plants and bakery goods and cheeses and meat and trout.

      I wait patiently for the tomatoes and cukes and radishes and strawberries.

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I can not imagine you ever walking at a Snails Pace! LOVE the small town pictures although I've never have heard of Roxbury, looks absolutely charming!
    Remember what the Snail said as he rode on the Turtles back?: WEEEEEEE!
    Sure sounds like the perfect Saturday! Enjoy. Karen F.

  4. I know Roxbury. Right on the way home! So, so cute...

    1. I wondered if you had been to the Dorf Haus?

    2. Haven't eaten there, but played there for a reception once. Everyone around here raves about it.. We love supper clubs, so we'll get there one day...

    3. Polka. Monday nights. Heh.
      The menu looks great.
      I want to go!!!!

    4. Ok. Let's plan a girls night on a Monday night!!

  5. I love Diane Lane. Loved her in Secretariat. Loved her in Must Love Dogs. Even loved her in Unfaithful when she was not a good lady.

    I am a fast walker. For reals.

    I just became a gold points Starbucks person (the program just began here around the first of the year.) I love to meet my friends at St. Arbucks - wonderful for fellowship and the menu is in English!! :-)

  6. i prefer to walk slow... take my time and drink in my surroundings. (unless I have a child close to feeding or nap time). matthew is always 10 steps ahead of me, or dragging me behind him.

    the slow walker

  7. You would fit in on the square!!!! I meander on a walk.... But the tight crowd and slow pace could make me scream.

  8. BIg fan Donna you crack me up. Im a slow walker....we better not go to the Market together!

  9. We saw Man of Steel this morning at 9:00. Great time to see a movie, no big crowd. I bought popcorn. Had to. I liked Diane Lane too. And Cal's mother's hair was fabulous. I want her hair. The action was a bit much for me as well, but my guys loved it.

    We've had 2 days of packers (the moving kind, not the Green Bay kind) (Go Pack, Go!) and one day of truck loaders this week. Today was a nice day to relax and not worry about moving. We are camping out in the house for a few days to clean up and let the kids finish out the late school year in VA. Then we are on to our next Army assignment in Manhattan, KS. We've been blessed by many folks here, so it is hard to leave. But we look forward to what is ahead. We'll be driving from Virginia to Kansas on Tuesday-Sat with our 2 kids and 2 cats. If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for our safe travels. My dad is also having minor surgery on Wednesday out in San Diego.

    1. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Rachel praying God will bless you with "traveling mercies" and also be with your Dad during his surgery. My husband was born near Manhattan, KS and we visited there once with our kids on vacation. Lovely place and sweet folks. love and prayers, jep

  10. Rachel, bet the kids enjoyed all the Kansas parts of Man of Steel. Be well. God bless.

  11. I would not last two minutes if I had to walk slow. Can't do it. I've tried strolling and it's not in my blood. ;)

    We just returned from the local theater after seeing Man of Steel. (I think the sticky floor is from Coke left on it when I was a kid. Seriously.) I had read that last battle was long and all the crashing through walls gets old, but my 11-year-old super hero lover sure did like it! And I have to admit I loved the story much better than the Superman with Christopher Reeve. I actually fell asleep in the theater during that one while on a double date in 1978.

    I have always loved Diane Lane. She is one classy woman.

  12. Love Diane Lane in ANYTHING (Perfect Storm, Under The Tuscan Sun, Unfaithful, Secretariat, Must Love Dogs ... ANYTHING). Also LOVE any Farmer's Market ... which means I must stop reading blogs and head to my local one in Interlochen, MI ... one of the BEST around Traverse City ... Sundays from 9-2!!!

  13. I'm going to see Man of Steel today! It's my kinda movie, but really I'm going because it was filmed in MY HOMETOWN! Here's to small town Illinois life!

  14. That sounds like such a fun day. I love that you do not walk in the slow stroll because it is too slow! : ) You are on the go! Zoom!

    Non botoxed actresses are my favorite : ).

    The kids and I went to see a movie on Saturday. The Purge. We made a poster board earlier in the day of the movies everyone had heard about. Superman was on the list. Everyone got a vote and they ended up picking the Purge. I didn't realize it was R. I was not impressed with a lot of parts of it. The acting was pretty good. The wife, Leana Headey, was a good actress, but very botoxed.

    We are making a list of fun summer adventures today.

    Will you please pray for Gary's dad. He had sight loss in his left eye last night and he went to the hospital and was admitted. Gary (Jr.) is so upset. We are all worried. I am thinking of going to the hospital to visit this afternoon but a little worried about taking all the kids. Kaish and Bria would be fine but we have a few others here and I am not sure if they would handle the somberness of the hospital well.

    1. Never heard of 'the Purge' - we don't generally do 'R' around here (prude II, remember ;)) so it must just be off my radar. I saw someone above mention an 11 year old at Man of Steel - was it ok ? Nothing smoochy, just stuff blowing up? My guys would love it, too....

  15. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Hello Donna,
    I love Katie's bag! Could you please share with us where she purchased it?
    Thank you,


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