Wednesday, March 17, 2004

And you thought I was Off Topic before..

My mind is very adept at making connections (which it is supposed to do) and remembering, and dreaming...

I know a little bit about almost everything...and I love to learn.

So this is how my brain worked yesterday. On Jeopardy, 'outrigger' was the answer to a question. No one answered it correctly but me...but you see I already had Hawaii on the mind.

Earlier in the day I saw a picture of a hotel that looked like the Sheraton Maui. I told Emma all about the trip our parents took Cindy and I on to Maui n 1972.

Then, because we did not go to guitar...we watched American Idol. And there were two sweet girls from Hawaii. (By the way I voted for 7,11,12)

"Oh we're goin' to a Hookelau...."

The song popped into my mind...and I had to hear it again...
My sisters and I learned it from a big girl (probably 6th grade) in Elmhurst Ill one summer.
We were very young. She taught us the song and the Hawaiian hula hand motions. Which I still remember!

I had to find it.

No luck at first. How on earth is Hookilau spelled???

With the help of the amazing searching abilities of the personal computer...I came up with lyrics AND someone singing the song.

Aren't those the cutest graphics? The Hukilau site wins my Best Graphics Award!

What a funny memory. What a time it was...the sixties....the suburbs...the innocence.

Little children dancing the hula on the driveway, on a elm-tree lined street.

Little girls with pixies dancing the hula.

Back to Life...Back to Reality
Emma is well...
School is back in session.
The boys will be home from college on Friday! Hooray! Must... buy... food.....

And I am just beginning my second official photo album. They are called Scrapbooks nowadays...but the one's I make consist of mostly photos and a little writing.

Last year I made Matthew an album for his High School Graduation. It contains photos from all of his school years. He loves it. We all love it. Memory Lane you know....

So as our oldest son is preparing to graduate from COLLEGE this May...I have decided to put one together for him.

With the help of my dear friend Jeaneen, a Creative Memories Consultant....I am well on my way.

The pictures are selected, cropped, and put in chronological order.
Now I will start the creative process of putting them on paper....this is a little scary....and I kinda wish I had Matthew's book here so I could copy the creative ideas....

But I must be brave and just get to work. I have until May 7th!

I work very well with a deadline.

But the neat part about doing this album is lookinig at all the photos again!!!
What a sweet little family. The children were so close and got along so well.
Happy times. Happy children.

This is what it looks like today...fresh new snow...

I'm going to a Hukilau,

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