Monday, March 29, 2004

Good-Night Words

H. Clay Trumbull has some tender words to say about bedtime;

If there is one time more than another when children ought to hear only loving words
from their parents, and be helped to feel that theirs is a home of love and gladness, it is when they are going to bed at night.
Good-night words to a child ought to be the best of words, as they are words of greatest potency. Yet not every parent realizes this important truth, nor does every child have the benefit of it.

The last waking thoughts of a child have a peculiar power over his mind and heart, and are influential in fixing his impressions and in shaping his character for all time. When he turns from play and playmates, and leaves the busy occupations of his little world, to lie down by himself to sleep, a child has a sense of loneliness and dependence which he does not feel at another time. Then he craves sympathy; he appreciates kindness; he is grieved by harshness or cold neglect.

There should be no severity then, no punishment at that time. Every word spoken in that hour should be a word of gentleness and affection...."

-From Hints on Child Training by H. Clay Trumbull. Originally published in 1890

- Elizabeth Orton Jones

At the end of the day I tend to rush Katie to bed and I can be impatient with her questions. Re-reading the chapter in Trumbull's book has encouraged me to be more tender to my little sweetie.
Last night Katie prayed with her daddy and then we read from Ribsy and A Prayer for a Child.

I needed a reminder.

Encourage one another,

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