Monday, March 01, 2004

Susan Hunt-Wulkowicz visits Quiet Life

"My artwork has always been imaginary, as I escaped the city by creating the places I'd rather be. These works became increasingly detailed to bring the fantasy closer to reality. As my eyes changed, I turned to magnification for a greater level of fineness. Each piece contains tiny names and scriptures as well as insects and other creatures the surroundings require. All of creation is an amazing miracle, even down to the smallest blade of grass. I'll never tire of expressing this belief."
-Susan Hunt-Wulkowicz

Imagine my delight and surprise to click on my email and find a letter from Susan Hunt-Wulkowicz.
She was surfing the web and happened upon her artwork...on my humble little blog.

She has brought so much joy to me over the years as I have admired her beautiful, intricate etchings.
She comes to the Art Fair on the Square here in Madison every summer and I squeeze into her very popular booth for a close up look at her artwork. It's very special.

She told me she was encouraged. Well, that just blessed my socks off :o)

Next summer I will get to go right up to her and give her a big smile and perhaps a hug and we will both marvel, I am sure, at how the internet *can* be a place where two people who would otherwise never meet...get to know a little bit more about one another and encourage one another and share in the community of connectedness.

Encourage one another,

There is a link at my sidebar to her website.

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