Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Thinking things through just doesn't seem to enter the picture in a big part of this world.

There is a tv show called Average Joe. The Average Joe who lost the girl has returned and is now picking out his own true love. ha....

It is so sad and pathetic. Yet I can't look away.

Why do women( and men) come on these shows?

O.K. they are looking for true love. The man of their dreams. The fairytale.

Got it....but IF they would take just ONE second and think it through a little tiny bit....

They would have to come to the conclusion that they are going to be humiliated in front of the whole television world. Most likely!

Fame and fortune, fame and fortune...

Is that it? Does it have a blinding effect?

Is the desire to be loved so huge that the ability to think rationally goes a missin'?

Or is it just an example of folks who do not see the consequences to their actions?

Well....let me just recommend watching Pride and Prejudice.

In watching Pride and Prejudice you have a chance to see good choices and bad choices lived out in a dramatic way. This is also true of Sense and Sensibility.

Some choose foolishly and suffer the consequences. Others live quietly and patiently and have good character...with excellent outcomes.

I like that. I'm glad my daughter reads Jane Austen and watches movies adapted from her novels.
I'm glad she knows she is loved already by her Heavenly Father.
And by her parents here on earth.

I pray, knowing this helps her make wise choices and to think of the consequences.

I'm glad she's not interested in watching Average Joe. Like her silly mother.

Encourage one another,

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