Monday, March 01, 2004

Look at Catherine Zeta-Jones....She's snoring.

Clever comedians were the highlight of the Oscars for me last night!

My husband and I laughed so hard when Billy Crystal was in the scene with Jack and Diane and they were all screaming and hiding and reacting to one another. The editing was great!

Jack Black and Will Ferrel also made me laugh out loud with their sassy song about the instrumental music that is played when the winners are being urged off the stage. They came up with very funny lyrics.

"No need to thank your parakeet,
you're boring
Look at Catherine Zeta-Jones,
She's snoring."

And Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's gag was perfectly executed!

Renee wins for best dressed. All around perfect.

Charlize was too bronze.
The nude colored dresses are pretty but don't show up very well on television.
Naomi Watts looked lovely...but the color was just too pale.
Catherine Zeta-Jones looked wonderful again.

And...husband of the year goes to Andrew Stanton who won for Finding Nemo.
Here is what he said,

"Thanks to the Academy, to my loving parents, to my adoring children and to my wife, Julie. I wrote it to you in a note in eighth grade, now I can say it in front of 1 billion people. I love you."


Better get on with my real life now :o)


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