Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Why should I do that?

Here is my beautiful Booja J bag knit in Noro Kureyon 102.
It has bits of a pink towel all over it. I have been able to pick most of them away. I did not put my wool bag in a zippered pillowcase this time. I didn't think I needed to do that....well...it would have kept the fuzzies off of it. I am thrilled with how it felted tho. It is much prettier felted than it was unfelted.
The i-cord got very tangled whirling around in the wash machine too. It probably would have faired better in the pillowcase.
My excuse for not using a pillowcase this time is that the last thing I felted did not felt as nicely IN the Pillowcase as the things I have felted outside of the pillowcase.

Here is the Opal Southwestern socks I am now knitting. Isn't it pretty.
My challenge for these socks is to see if I can match the stripes.

See how unmatched the stripes are? Some folks don't mind unmatched stripes. I think I mind.
So I guess I will unravel the ball of yarn and see if I can find the same beginning. Yikes...I'll let you know how THAT goes.


Emma is still unwell. Poor dear.
We may be adjusting our busy Tuesday schedule today.


Anybody want to talk about The Practice? We have thoroughly enjoyed this season. James Spader is awful and funny and odd. I hear that they are canceling the show and giving James his own show.
Has anyone else heard this news? Do you think they will take anyone along with him to a new show?
If anyone goes with him I predict it will be the actress with the English accent and the blonde.
Both so forgettable to me that I can't even remember their names. Sharon Stone should come back and work with him....she was great in her guest starring role.

Am I talking to myself here?....very possibly...sorry...


One last thing, if you like knitting and blogging, check out Wendy Knits and Knit Happens over on my sidebar....

Wendy is the most amazing knitter I have ever encountered.

Knit Happens has the cutest pink and green site and new yarn store.

Encourage one another,

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