Wednesday, March 07, 2007

About that gorgeous gum chewer...
Where will she go if we all die in a plane crash on our trip?

That's been keeping me awake and bothering my stomach for the last few weeks.

We had a will made when the children were young.
But those children are all grown... and Katie was not even imagined yet.

I know we aren't going to come up with the answer here on The Blog.

But, I honestly can't think of a harder choice.

Get your tissues.
From "Raising Helen"

You must know from experience that when it comes to picking somebody else to raise your kids, no one seems right. No one is you. And so you choose someone who is most like you. Someone that will give the kids a taste of their real mom, the mom they lost and never really got to know. In so many ways, we are so much alike, that's why I chose Helen.

Oh Lord, direct our path.

And really...we don't want to die, yet.

Encourage one another,

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