Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now that the 'dream of a dog' has become 'the real possibility of a dog'...
I'm on the slow boat to puppyland.

But I found the place.
And the breed. ( Both Patrick and I can agree on)

I have yet to make the phone call.

South Branch Goldens

South Branch's pups are ready to go this week.
But we are in no position to get a puppy two weeks before a vacation.
We could ask them to 'hold' the puppy for us....

But I'm feeling like we should wait for the next litter, perhaps.

Tell me true, what do you love best about your dog?
And what are most people in denial about before they get that doggie of their dreams?

It's that look in their eyes...

Encourage one another,

P.s. Please feel free to share your opinions on the American Idol last night.
I was so consumed with puppy thoughts I forgot all about it.

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